NOT CRAZY: Full Moon in Scorpio is Alright + A Short Lesson On The Inconjunct

"the little book of saturn"

Moon as I type here and I will tell you what I’ve told others. This Full Moon is Not So Bad. Unlike other recent Full Moons. This one is SATURN SUPPORTED. Saturn trine Sun. Saturn sextile Moon. You don’t feel crazy. No matter what’s befallen you. NOT CRAZY.

As for next week: 

I’m happy to report that next week looks relatively uneventful. The only major aspect is a Sun Neptune sextile (dreamy, imaginative, spiritual) and a couple of inconjuncts. Inconjuncts DO matter so let’s briefly explore. 

Venus Saturn inconjunct on Tuesday May 1st and Mercury inconjunct Jupiter on the 5th.

What is the inconjunct? 

Think of it this way: energies that do not fit together, do not go together. They cannot be blended or mixed to form a new paste. They remain separate. And the key is this: you have to do both and probably at separate times. One of my favorite examples is the Scorpio Gemini type of person. They need to exhibit, manifest, BE and DO both their Gem and Scorpio sides. They can’t ignore either. They probably won’t ignore either but the thing is this: you may think you are hanging out with your Scorpio pal but you get Gemini instead. Or vice versa.

This happened to me once. I got a crush on a guy I met from on-line. He was a Scorpio. I liked him. Then we met and he was ALL Gemini. I didn’t like him so much anymore. I wanted that careful nuanced depth not a clown. NOT saying Gemini is a clown – BUT the way it came through HIM, to me, was clownish. He wasn’t subtle and deep anymore. Just jokey.

So this week we have a Venus Saturn inconjunct and they can’t be blended. You’re going to have to do and be BOTH and not look for equal measure or perfection. You may not win this one. You may not figure it out. Venus in Gemini social and Saturn in Capricorn (retrograde) is working on your goals. Fun AND serious. So when you are having fun be WHOLLY fun and when you are being serious be wholly serious! Do each part fully and completely. That’s the sky challenge this week. Is it possible? Can you forget about Capricorn when you’re trying to have fun?

I used to call this aspect the dissociative aspect because I felt the inconjunct person isn’t really aware of how “split” they can seem to others.  The inconjunct isn’t a bad thing though. It makes humans very tasty and full of flavor! Aries and Scorpio is another one. Mercury in Aries this week inconjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Are you going to talk our heads off or shut up and be somber? Make room for both.

Make sense?