The Stars This Week: What Do You Want SO MUCH?

Today and tomorrow are fine — good aspects:
Scorpio Moon getting along with Neptune and Venus and Pluto and Chiron and Mercury…

Sun sextile Saturn exact tomorrow. Sun in Libra. Saturn in Sagittarius. Business as usual. Business is good.

BUT then we have the rest of the week which includes aspects that are applying now — they aren’t exact yet. They are growing in strength:

Mars square Jupiter and Sun square Pluto AND Mercury enters Libra on Friday which means we’ll have Sun and Mercury and Jupiter in Libra! Lots of emphasis in your Libra House(s). It’s all you want to think about.

None of this is terrible news unless you hate desire. Both these aspects are about DEEESIRE.

Mars is the hunt
Jupiter is MORE.
Sun is your ego.
And Pluto? Pluto can’t be described in one word. Neither can the others but especially Pluto. Pluto in your chart is pain which can become your power.

Capricorn and Libra are the signs here, cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are not relaxed. They seek to dominate. And the sooner you realize this the better.

These aspects are squares so I think the action is mostly internal, inside you, bugging you.

So this week, if you pay attention, you  may get a clue, or two, in regards to which desires are tripping you up.

What do you want SO MUCH????

Thing is this though – the frustration of squares is ultimately creative. You don’t just stay stuck like that.

Mars Jupiter BIG DESIRE right?
Sun Pluto is worse. Why is Sun Pluto worse? Because the Sun is YOU. And Pluto’s job in part is to make you cross out with a big black crayon every ego construct you create. Pluto wants to blot you out – so it feels. Like, who’s trying to kill me now?


That’s what we have this week 😉
You think someone’s trying to kill you (and God forbid this is the case) and Jupiter expands your rage about this.

I drew a card. Figured we’d need some guidance. And I drew THE MOON and yeah it’s NOT clear. Keep your energy to yourself – Four of Pentacles.

Any questions? 

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