Mars Square Jupiter: Crave

"mars square jupiter"
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Tomorrow is Mars square Jupiter (exact) so we have these questions about our energy (do we have it? where does it go?) and drive (drive where and why?) and the hunt and sex. Mars rules all those. Initiative. Competition. Anger and violence. That’s Mars. Blood. Passion.

Jupiter increases what it touches and in Libra, Jupiter wants to calm Mars down, smooth Mars’ hair. BUT

Mars is the fast mover here. Mars comes to upset Jupiter’s grace and kindness with his PLAN. Mars in Capricorn has a plan, a goal but it’s still Mars. A passionate plan. A bloody bloody goal.

Mars is going to intensify what you crave from your Libra House (and your Capricorn House). Craving and frustration.

Is your Mars getting what it wants?


PS the picture above is my pastel Hanged Man

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