Mercury Enters Cancer! (June 29th)

I haven’t forgotten you sweet Mercury in Cancer!

Mars goes direct that same day – this Wednesday.

Mercury will enter the sweet crabby mama-bear-crab sign.

She is loyal, protective, hates to hurt people’s feelings (works to prevent it even at her detriment thus she will hold her tongue even when she should not), cries easily, hurts easily, and will stab you in the eyes if you hurt her tender crab heart or those she loves.

People may think Cancer is weak until they spend time with one.

She/He is a fierce one. THE MOTHER.

DO NOT F__K WITH THE MOTHER. (And the mother’s babies may be actual babies, animals, her work, her thoughts, her creativity, her words, ideas, her family, her dreams, her personality, her home, etc etc).

There will be guilt trips.


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