New Moon In Libra – September 30th

New Moon in Libra at 8 degrees
— this Friday.

Mars entered Capricorn this morning.
It’s Tuesday as I write this.
Pluto went direct yesterday.
Virgo Moon Wednesday and Thursday.
Work work work work. This is a WORK sky.

New Moon aspects in addition to the usual (a Sun Moon conjunction): 

Moon square Mars (angry)
Moon conjunct Jupiter (happy)
Moon inconjunct Neptune (I’m not sure how I feel)
Moon sextile Saturn (secure)

Let’s think of them as one thing –
Sun – ego
Moon – need
Jupiter – principle of optimism, expansion, blessing

SQUARE (has trouble with) Mars in cautious Capricorn

This New Moon feels huge to me. You are looking around the room fantasizing about what or who you want. You can taste it. New Moons are DESIRE. Hope. Not done. Not culmination. NEW. Seed. Desire. Plant it. This New Moon feels huge to me. That’s the Jupiter. The ego (ME) is huge and the feelings (ME) are huge but there is a stifling going on.  Mars in Capricorn doesn’t quite slow down the power of the stellium but attempts to mute it. Mars in Capricorn, Mars in Reality, doubts the Jupiter blessing and doubts the dream and doubts the collaborators and doubts the seed AND

the stellium is in Libra – the sign of partnership and other people. Big desire in your Libra house. Big blessing. Big secret. You can’t do it alone but you don’t know yet who you will do it with.  But you want to. You really want to.

This is what I’m thinking — that Sun Moon Jupiter insists upon faith in oneself and in others and the square says: well, maybe not so fast. Slow down. Are you sure? Remember Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Libra stuff is ruled by VENUS. You want to relate so bad. You want to find your tribe so bad. You want to fall in love SO. BAD.


a Saturn/Mars in Capricorn test.

And then.

This is the best part.

The Libra crowd makes a good aspect (sextile, harmonious) to, yes, SATURN in Sagittarius. 

The (so-called) problem IS the solution.

No matter how you look at it – we are under Saturn here.

What must be done must become our pleasure, our joy, and our love. Not in the sense of sacrifice but in the sense of knowing who you truly are and what you truly value. Then it is not a sacrifice at all but gladness. What must be done (your SATURN) must become your pleasure, your joy, your love. And it can be.

2016 is almost over. Think about that. Think about how we have one more Pisces Eclipse. How the Nodes are heading out of Virgo/Pisces and that a New Moon in Libra means you don’t have to be alone anymore. You’ve been so alone. This is where we begin. You will find your allies, your collaborators, your loves. You will. But you know what I’m going to tell you, that every new transit is an opportunity – good AND bad transits and if you lay down and die at this point you won’t be able to read my blog posts anymore 😉 small consolation I know but life wants more life from you.
It’s your job to find your place. Daunting I know but true all the same.


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