Is Eclipse Season Over? (+ A Message For The Moon Pluto People)

What a journey, and it’s not over yet. 

What am I talking about?

We just survived two eclipses, and we’ll be feeling the effects for months now. Mars is retrograde until mid January 2023. Mercury goes retrograde in December and… isn’t that enough?

I’m listening to Beth Ditto as I type this, not trying to understand the world around me or inside me, but feeling it all.

I had this HUGE emotional breakthrough this morning as I contemplated quitting school and I think I may keep one class and drop one class and continue next semester and see.

But Mars is retro.
Mercury goes retro next month. Eclipses. Uranus is active in all this and my guess is as good as the good lord’s. Nothing is set in stone.

The breakthrough wasn’t about school though. Or maybe it was. But it went wider than that and deeper than that. And I saw so clearly some events from my past that I cannot discuss here except to say the Eclipses are not done with us yet. For me they spanned my Third and Ninth Houses (both are houses of the MIND and also related to school!).

Today is my mother’s birthday. She had 3847522 planets in Scorpio. Pluto in Leo generation.

Moon Pluto people come to earth to die and to teach and heal others from the hell that is here. We pull the gold out of the wreckage for you so count yourself lucky if you have a (reasonably healthy) Moon Pluto person in your life. Hold them tight. They don’t live forever but they come back to haunt. Everything I am learning now, in school and out of school goes into ME and all of it goes into you, when we work together. That’s just how it is. I’m not gonna play it down. I couldn’t if I tried. With the North Node in Taurus, shouldn’t you, too, be taking real good care of yourself? Being yourself is good self-care.


PS Prayers for Brittney Griner. My guess is Mars needs to go direct until she comes home. She has a natal mars in gemini.