Done With You February + Enjoy This Week’s Good Venus

Impromptu testimonial from a client’s email just now:

Thank you for what you do, Aliza.
Your writing about your own journey right now has been so sustaining to me.

Thank you too.

You know I am trying to NOT be too personal on the blog but sometimes I can’t help it or am inspired.

I used to be a very personal blogger. Astrology in real life. Less so in recent years because life was too hard. I just didn’t want to share. A couple weeks ago I posted something personal and then got hate mail. Three messages (actually blog comments which I didn’t post) from the same person. Whatever the intention was, it didn’t work. Unless the intention was for me to delete them. Who owns a story? I own my story. And I will share when I want, what I want. My traffic increased quite a bit for a few days. I’m forty fucking five years old and a MoonPluto person. First House, baby. I’ve been hurt by the BEST. THE BEST. Know what I’m saying? The attempts at intimidation, bullying… did not impress me.

ANYWAY, the stories. So many stories. I think I’ll tell stories of 2016 so far in the spring, after the Eclipses. I feel happy as I type this.

Looking at the week ahead, some really good stuff: 

Venus is sextile Saturn tomorrow and we also have the Moon Mars conjunction in Scorpio. This is a solid fantastic day YES for the witches and the workers.

Wednesday is the Venus Uranus sextile. Money and love fascinates and surprises. In a good way.
Venus Jupiter inconjunct on Thursday – and yet Aquarius and Virgo I don’t know… I find them so similar sometimes, analytical. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and speaking of Mercury, Mercury is square Mars in Scorpio on Friday. Bad moods. Tempers.

MARS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS ON SATURDAY but you know what? I’ll blog about the weekend as it gets closer. And next week is the first Eclipse. Relax this week. Save your cardiovascular system (as Jillian would say) because you’re gonna need it!