We Can’t Go Back (Thoughts On Pluto In Aquarius)

So I was just telling my Patrons that we can’t go back. Saturn and Pluto have moved on so we have to move on too. Everything is different now. There might be people leaving your life or they will stay in your life but in different forms. It’s okay. It’s really okay. But please know we can’t go back.

And you know what I kept seeing in the Weekly Card video? Sitting still. Waiting. Two of Swords despite the stars this week which are, well, dynamic. We’ve got a Mercury Jupiter and a Venus Uranus and this is (or could be) fast and fun and new and shiny, but no. Wait. Be still. From the Weekly Card video: “This Ace of Pentacles is hiding a Tower.”

But the bigger picture is bigger than this week. Pluto now in Aquarius (for just a little while this year) is way bigger than this week. If you try to go back, it won’t feel right. It won’t feel like you. It will feel like a time warp, that somehow you lost track, and, trust me, this is not a loss.

What to do? Look around. Or maybe you don’t need to because what I’m feeling isn’t the advice that we need to reflect. I didn’t pull the Hermit card today. You actually don’t need to “go within” to do this right. What’s needed is what you’ve already been living since the planets changed signs. You’re already doing it. You’re already living your life. Just don’t go back.

It was so eerie today when I had this revelation. It was so stark and real. And I can’t give any delicious details, but I saw it so clearly. I saw the separation between then and now. Pluto changing signs will do that. Now, I’m not saying everything you were, everything that was, is gone. But some things? Some things are gone. As we astrologers like to say: end of cycle. And more things are gonna end too. More things are gonna wind down. You won’t have to lift a finger.

I’m sure some of you feel this. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m saying. Try not to worry. I want to say, in the words of Richard Thompson: it’s just the motion. But even that feels not quite right, feels false. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to find the words.

To be continued…