That You Should Build A Fire: What To Do For Mars Retrograde

I was sitting in class (on Zoom) thinking about emptiness which I guess makes sense with Zoom. Zoom class is there and not there, impersonal. And remembering that I need to tell you that I unpublished YEARS of blog posts. Long story. I’m not even sure where the blog begins anymore. 2018? Maybe. And I started the blog in 2011.

So I was sitting in class thinking these transits, this sky now, is the great emptiness. We called the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 the Great Conjunction, didn’t we? Some did. Now comes the great emptiness of Scorpio Season and Eclipse Season, there’s a shattering, Uranus is involved here, but most of all it’s Mars retrograde. If you are feeling deflated, that could be why,  and I think it will ease up *some* as the weeks pass. I hope.

What will solve it? Well, I got the Three of Cups as my general overall overview of the situation and isn’t that interesting, and should I read it reversed considering how this blog post is going or at least push those reversed meanings in there, and the DO card, the advice, is the Knight of Wands.


Some fire is missing we need fire. And Mars is retrograde so what can you do to… build a fire? Yeah: look at this (in your mind): the DO is the Knight of Fire and the DON’T is the Knight of Water and a moment ago on Instagram I was telling you (if you are in a dark night of the soul) to ask what it has to say to you so consider this part of the message coming at you, loud and clear.

Maybe, for you, it’s the fire of magic, of witchcraft. Maybe it’s the fire of sweat, momentum Maybe it’s some other kind of fire but I SWEAR to god you need to figure this out NOW, what kind of fire you are going to build and fan the flames of during this Mars retrograde (lasting for two and a half months) so that you stay alive and don’t succumb because that, my friends, is the risk. The abyss. Is the Knight of Wands an abyss card? NO. It goes faster.

I think you know what to do. (And if you don’t, book a reading etc etc etc)