Some Kinda Bliss: Watery Weekend

Incoming good mood!

This weekend’s Venus Neptune square is in orb already and perfects on Sunday and yes it can cause confusion/illusion/delusion 100% (don’t get married this weekend) but my experience with this energy is some kinda bliss AND Venus enters Cancer on Sunday so… inspiration over efficiency? Love over work? Spiritual highs indeed. Cancer is the MOTHER of the sky.

In other news, next week: Mercury enters Cancer, Sun enters Cancer (the Solstice) and honestly I have mixed feelings about the end of Gemini Season. What was I expecting? What were *you* expecting? Something? Something.

And I’m sitting here thinking please god give us a fantastic year of Jupiter in Gemini. Don’t let us down. Even though I know astrologers don’t like Jupiter in Gem and it can promise and not deliver I’m determined to remain hopeful (or maybe stupid).

Mercury is the planet associated with the sign Gemini. That’s why Mercury is on my mind.

From the great Isabel Hickey: All communication, within and without, is possible only through Mercury. He is called the “Messenger of the Gods” for he travels ceaselessly and does not travel a one-way street. He tends to excite activity. He uses everything in the outer as well as the inner world as grist for growth and progress… 

And she continues with this which seemed so random to me and yet interesting!

In insanity Mercury withdraws from the magnetic field and the connection between the soul and the body is severed.

So on that cheerful note… keep passing the open windows, my dear star lovers. I’m thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful weekend. We’ll talk more about Mercury and madness soon enough! Stay tuned.

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