Mars Retrograde Is Worse Than You Think

Mars retrograde is worse than you think and especially for Pluto in Virgo generation in the late degrees because we’re having this prolonged Mars square Pluto transit.

I was about to finally catch up on Patreon and I hit my toe (and had to sit down, elevate it) and then I made the first of a few videos and had technical difficulties and now have to redo the first one.

I screamed. At some point I screamed. There’s only so much Eight of Swords Ten of Wands Five of Pentacles one can take and it’s cumulative. It wasn’t just the toe and the video.

Mars square Pluto is tension, frustration, potential violence, accidents. Whether or not you are Pluto in Virgo, we all need to slow down for Mars retrograde. There will be less screaming if we can slow down. And maybe this slowing down refers only to the speed at which you beat yourself up for being human.

I’ve got some rice in the rice cooker and am hoping things stay stable and painless for the rest of the evening but who knows under such a sky. All my people could use some good news and I can relate.

So what else is going on?

I was telling my friends on Patreon that this week is dark and light,  like a black and white cookie, and nothing if not consistent. On the up side (up side for some) we got planets entering Sagittarius, lessening the Scorpio grip on the sky, and we have ALL these trines and sexiles so things should be… better? Lighter and brighter? There’s more to say about this week, but folks on that Patreon tier can hear it on the video.

Let me tune in though and listen for something hopeful for us. (And then I paused for at least a minute.) Okay what I got for you is something I was saying earlier. Jupiter goes DIRECT next week. This is gonna help the mood of despair and deprivation. It’s the return of hope. She took a hike a while back and now, as is her habit, she comes to see how we’re doing, and many of you may say “Eh, not so great” and some of you will be saying “Better than ever.”

I hope it’s the latter but even if not, Jupiter is a blessing.

PS There are no answers right now. This is hard for us humans. Doesn’t mean things can’t happen, won’t happen. But there is a truth that is being kept from us. Maybe due to Mars square Neptune. Maybe something else. Keep this in mind…. that you will be banging your head against a wall and maybe you should stop that.

To be continued..