Mercury in Leo: Express Yourself! Now!

Working on my book, working on my writing, listening to Bon Iver, and taking a small blogging break before I get back to it.

How are you?

That was one of the last things my mother said to me before she died. She was in the hospital at the time. We were on the phone. I talk about this moment in my (unpublished) novel. How are you? She asked it like the Scorpio she was, with intent. How are you?

Cancer Season memories, right? For some of us, the past is always present, and I know some of you are rejoicing that the Cancer trifecta has split apart. Mercury is now in Leo. Yesterday was the New Moon. Sun and Venus are still in Cancer and Mars in Taurus is gaining on Uranus which will spin things around, yet again, this Cancer Season. I had a revelation or two this morning though. I bet you did too.

So we’re working on my new website, which is supposed to be an “author site” but you’ll be able to purchase readings there. I’m trying to streamline things which is so hard for me but we’ll see. If I don’t like the automation of it all, I can always go back to my usual: email me for rates and scheduling! We’ll see, we’ll see, we’ll see.

Otherwise on my mind: I’ve been an astrologer for so long now. I’ve seen the trends. I’ve seen the ways it has grown and collapsed. I don’t watch much astrology on YouTube but I still get recommendations in my feed and more than ever it seems everyone and their cat has an Astro channel. How much of it is AI? Some of it, I’m sure. If not the “people” themselves then the words they speak. I will tell you this though: human intuition, human creativity, human compassion… can’t be outsourced, So what choice will you make? Illusion? Or reality? Keep human-ing.

But back to today’s astrology: Mercury in Leo is great for any creative project you’re working on. The Fifth House (associated with Leo and the Sun) symbolizes your unique self-expression. All you need is you and maybe a journal and pen or device if that’s better/faster for the words pouring out of you. Mercury is your mind. And I know the Mercury Pluto opposition threw a power struggle curveball into your hands but drop it like it’s hot. Don’t carry it around. Let that Mercury in Leo fly free, fly bright. Express yourself!

Okay, back to work for me.
Keep passing the open windows xo
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