Everybody Has A Place: More Reflections From My Moon Pluto Conjunction

"moon pluto conjunction"
March 1st, 2017

I am freezing as I type to you, but I have to type to you.

It is c c c cold in North Florida today and the house I live in is also c c c cold today even though YES I have heat, and the heat is on, and I’ve got a space heater on me as well.

I was doing a reading for someone this morning, and we hung up, and about 5 minutes after I got so cold. This is common in this work actually. I mean, it IS cold out there, but readers may notice body temperatures changes before, during and after working with clients.

But what I want to talk to you about today is the Moon and Moon Pluto and home.

This isn’t quite a part two of my post from other day (linked here if you haven’t read it yet) but Pluto is still on my mind, as is the Moon, because I was doing my morning puttering and making lists and making coffee and worrying and trying not to worry and I said to myself:

everybody has a place. Meaning, me too. And my place is, dare I say it, right here. 

This is a Moon Thought because the Moon rules home, where we feel at home, and that’s what I meant by “place” and then of course I thought about my own natal Moon Pluto conjunction and how Pluto can really gut us, but that’s not all.

Pluto can deliver us (but to where, to where MoonPluto???)

The Moon is in Scorpio as I type this and the Moon will trine Neptune and sextile Pluto. It’s a good Moon day despite the looming Sun Saturn square which perfects tomorrow. Don’t even think about whether you can or can’t. Just Ten-of-Wands it. Go back to the climb. You’ll get there. Keep going.

And I want you to think about this. That everybody has a place. That means you too. Wherever you are, reading this, that’s your place, despite it not being perfect or maybe it is perfect, and I pray you are not “Homeless” as you read this. I wish for you to find your place and to feel at home in your space. Comfortable. Safe. That you have a space, a place, that is all yours (yes even you renters!) and whoever you choose to invite in. Yes, spirit guides are real!!!

The Moon Pluto people (of which I am one yes yes yes and thus my obsession) have a tricky position when it comes to feeling at home because we know we KNOW that home can die, that mother (moon) can fail us, and mother is/was our original home and in part this is why my devotion to the Divine Mother has changed my life so profoundly. She connected me to female energy that is, well, Pluto-free, and despite my “love” for Pluto, I must transform Pluto energy as well.

Sometimes I catch myself not relaxed. I don’t even realize my hyper vigilance, my PTSD, it’s so natural for me to be “this way” that I do not even realize my hunched shoulders or that I’m not breathing or being present in my own body and yet I feel so sunk in my body (i.e. my point of view or thinking)… so I remind myself to come into my body to COME HOME and be in it.

I do this, as a practice, and it changes everything. Even Moon Pluto can do this. Even Moon Pluto people can come home


Two things: after all these years the on-line Poetry Workshop (no. 1) will happen. Did you know I have two books coming out? 2018/2019 and one of them is a poetry (well, actually it’s a hybrid, a new form). I got my MFA from Iowa many moons ago but also left poetry behind many moons ago until around 2013/2014 or so it returned to my life and since then I’ve been wanting to combine my love for poems and for divination in a workshop and so we begin this spring. Details to come in new blog post this weekend. 

And I am starting to do a new kind of reading more and more it’s very Virgo, it’s a look at the MONTH ahead for you, in detail – transits (and tarot too if you want). Looking at “minor” aspects as well for a complete picture. You can purchase one for $95 or a bundle for $340 (four sessions at $85 each). 

Otherwise, single sessions (60 and 30 min are as usual). Details to come about the writing group. Love you!!!