“What I Have To Do To Survive” (conversations from the chat room)

"north node in leo"
In one of the chatrooms
today someone was thanking me for my gifts and I had no clue what she meant.

I asked her to explain it. I’m dense sometimes. And a Virgo Moon. What you mean, lady?

It was a perfect example of someone saying something and me going huh???

Because I do not feel that I go through life sharing my gifts – that’s not how I think. I am just me “doing my thing or whatever.” I mean, I did feel inspired to return but I wasn’t all like: check this shit out!!!!

So she kindly explained and I am sharing it not as an ego boost but as a manifesto of sorts.

And a couple questions for YOU:

What gifts do you have that you want to share? Or not share? 
Do you think of those “gifts” as “gifts” ?

She wrote:

I just mean that you are a gifted writer and that you think and communicate deeply and passionately about your life and your spiritual struggles. And sharing that to me is a gift. Because you are letting people in to a part of your process–of course not the whole process, no one can know that—but you’re willing to be seen and from what it sounds like, deeply misunderstood while doing so.

To me that’s brave. And your writing can offer solace and healing to those who are hurting in their own lives (whether you intend that or not)

But I’m Scorpio rising : ) Maybe it doesn’t feel like a gift to you–maybe it just feels like what you have to do to survive or….fill in the blank. But that feels like a gift to me.



“It just feels like what I have to do to survive.”

She nailed it.