Darling, This Week Comes With A Warning (Week of June 4th)

"mercury square neptune"
Someone I’ve known for a while gave me high praise the other day
. She was happy to read my WET blog post, posting on Facebook that it felt like “classic Aliza.”  This made me so happy that I have folks who’ve been reading me for so long, my witnesses. I have a body of work here on this blog and folks who have been reading me from the beginning! I am grateful.

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Darling, this week comes with a WARNING.

Do not sign a contract.
Do not believe what you see or hear.
Don’t get married? Yeah. I’ll go there. DON’T GET MARRIED.

Venus Pluto opposition is manipulative and Mercury square Neptune LIES so expect sleight of hand.
The Sun will square Neptune too.

Gemini words vs. Pisces illusion. 

Good luck, my darling. It’s a tricky one out there. Better by the weekend!