CONTROL: Mercury Direct + Thoughts On The Scorpio Eclipse

So the big news, yes, is Mercury stationing to go direct on Sunday, but that’s not all.

This weekend we’re under fire, good fire, a Sagittarius moon (you’ll be feeling social) and a fun Venus Jupiter link up and what I’m thinking is: extroversion, optimism. Adventure? Maybe so! This is big, bold energy plus Mercury direct on Sunday but under a possibly stressed out Capricorn moon. Your list of things to do is long and the party’s over (at least for the moment).

Also on my mind:
October’s Solar (New Moon) Eclipse at 2 Scorpio.
October 25th.
Saturn and Pluto are direct by then.

What might this mean?

But, first, a story.

So Rosh Hashanah had me thinking about death (no surprise if you know anything about this holiday and/or its liturgy) and shortly before the pandemic I was obsessing about not having a burial plot and needing a burial plot and getting in touch with my cousin about it, and then over RH wondering who will say Kaddish for me, and it was my father’s yartzeit.

In short, it was a lot. It was a lot of dead, a lot of death, and one of my dearest friends has agreed to take on Kaddish duties should I die before she does (and there are books written about the rules of saying Kaddish and the rules of all the prayers, including a women’s obligation and I thought to myself so much holiness in my friend Lyone’s words, I can’t help but believe and know that the Holy One wouldn’t mind at all her utterances with or without a minyan, in addition to her female status. Note to self: I should write more Jewish stories. My new book has a little of it but not enough.)

Why am I talking about this?

Scorpio is associated with death, among other “things.” Any beginning astrology student learns this litany. Scorpio: sex, death, taxes. We can assume, then, that a SCORPIO ECLIPSE won’t be one of those lightweight eclipses (as if). It will be a serious affair, most intense, most clanging, life changing, earth shaking, deep deep deep inside you kind of eclipse. Is that what you were looking for? Is that what you need? I dunno. Personally I prefer the lighter side of things these days in between my reading for my Comparative Psychoanalysis class but I digress.

The point is. The point is. We have an eclipse at the end of October. It’s a Scorpio eclipse. And there will be a death and there will be new life and it’s about time. What is the TWO (2 degrees) in Tarot: choices, balances, partnership, decisions. Pentacles is busy. Swords is waiting. Cups is reaching out. Wands is freedom, expansion, hope. Venus is also in Scorpio on this day so a woman could figure prominently in your new life. The eclipses come and the new life comes and it will be revealed slowly over the months. Or quickly over the months. Or TOWER CARD right away.

Scorpio wants, needs, must have control. What do you want control of? Somewhere in your life it’s time to take the reins.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"