The Stars Today: Graces

Yesterday for me was an oddly difficult day and I’m not sure why, not sure what was being triggered but today should be better.

We have an upbeat exact Mercury Jupiter conjunction and OH I did predict today would be good but I think maybe I posted about it only on my Facebook and yes you can Follow or Friend me there.

Today we have Venus Chiron harmony and Mars Neptune harmony. It’s a soft sweet day of trines and sextiles and the Aquarius Moon is mostly well-aspected. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (recovery, grace) being supported by love and desire.

I drew Six of Pentacles for myself, shuffled, and drew again and it felt like the same message, an obvious one – Temperance. YES yesterday was so intense that today is for the rebalancing and as one gal in the chatroom put it: LIBRA! Right the ship today.

From my FB about today:

Tuesday is a special day next week although these aspects are in orb now –
Venus trine Chiron and Mars sextile Neptune. AND Mercury conjunct Jupiter – same day!!!

So two stories are being told.
Mercury Jupiter is good news for you
and Venus Mars etc etc is understated. An understated miracle.
If you blink you may miss it.

(And the miracle may simply be that you succeeded in not setting yourself on fire)

And I am trying to sum it up simply. Because it’s really really good but you may not notice the blessing.

It’s a day for –
healing of wounds. And in large part it’s about your perspective.

This isn’t about medicine or fixing. It’s that the right people show up or have shown up and they say: here. This way.

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