ROUGH DRAFT: Sun Square Neptune + Your Imaginative Forces

"uranus in taurus"
Yeah you know it. Astrology writing is boring if it isn’t deep enough.

Here I can tell you WATCH YOUR BACK like I did yesterday or the day before about this sky and tomorrow’s sky and it’s still true but not what I want to tell you today.  Instead I want to talk to you about creativity or what Edgar Cayce called THE IMAGINATIVE FORCES and how this week’s sky is one of the BEST for this.

No inner critic this week. The Mercury (mind) is soft focus.

Sun (our essence) in Gemini (words/thoughts) is square Neptune (imagination/art). The square aspect is DISTURBING. We don’t need “harmony” to make art but, for me, we need depth. Squares create depth because squares create suffering. 

I am always telling you to DO something with your pain. At least at some point. Is this not the case? Is this not what I have been shouting at you since 2011? This is a good week for the rough draft, for going under the waves. Sun is conjunct Mercury as well so there is force, YOUR FORCE, your SELF behind your words. 

You can also think of it this way: that the sharp mind Gemini Sun and Mercury come to… not organize your Neptune but give it WORDS. Do you realize how important this is??

See, Neptune, essentially, has no words. It’s all FEELING. Sun and Mercury in Gemini, THE WRITER, come along to square it and we got SO MANY WORDS.

Not all of them are good. Not all of them will stay. You can edit over the weekend. For now, let your spirit (Neptune) speak (Gemini).


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