Blessed Are The PeaceMakers: Jupiter Enters Libra September 9th

"saturn trine uranus"I’m not going to write one big Jupiter in Libra blog post.
I’m going to keep talking about Jupiter in Libra — all year long.

Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra September 9th MERE DAYS FROM NOW — and shall remain there until October 2017, a little more than a year.

Everybody complains, complained, about Jupiter in Virgo. I don’t blame them. Jupiter expands what it touches and although Virgos are healers they can be critical or negative and tend to miss the forest for the trees and we need moments, days, months, years, without critique or analysis. Sometimes we need to sleep. Virgos don’t sleep. Not really.

But I don’t want to complain about Jupiter in Virgo or the mutable mess (the Jupiter Saturn Neptune t-square) in this blog post.

I want to look towards the FUTURE which is very Jupiterean behavior of course. Mercury (ruler of Virgo and of Jupiter in Virgo) sees what’s right in front of its face whereas Jupiter and Sagittarius look towards the horizon and then the next and then the next horizon until he or she can no longer be seen.

A few things have come to mind for me already as I’ve been obsessing about this transit:

*diehard or longterm singles will hook up and likely be looking for longterm (marriage)

*many WILL marry

*even those who have taken vows of CHASTITY for whatever reason will be moved to seek holy or unholy union under this transit

*less work (Virgo) and more LEISURE will be emphasized. Libra is ruled by Venus who rules leisure and pleasure and LUXURY (Jupiter square Pluto will thus be very interesting. Think about that one. What kind of luxury is that, my friends? Hmmmmm.)

*the collective will focus on the following: Justice, Fairness, THE LAW. Courts of law. You will see this in news stories no doubt, on social media. Discussions of WHAT IS FAIR. Also, of course, discussions of WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL (which is nothing new, but the discussions will be less coarse and more refined).

*more forward movement OVERALL for ALL and I am talking about YOUR LIFE. Jupiter in a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are those that align with the Equinoxes (Cancer/Capricorn/Aries/Libra!). They announce the seasons. They ANNOUNCE their existence! They are considered dynamic and forward moving. They CHANGE. Less vacillation, like the mutable signs. Less stubborn, like the fixed signs.

*fascinating outer transits!!! Jupiter in Libra will OPPOSE Uranus in Aries. Jupiter in Libra will SQUARE Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter in Libra will sextile Saturn in Sagittarius! Cancer is the “empty leg” of this Cardinal t-square and thus the LIVES OF CANCERS will change yet again. I am NOT saying BAD changes. But change continues to be the meal of the day for Cancers.

And yet…

You have more of what makes you happy during this transit.

And even if you do have less? You won’t be so picky about it, like Jupiter in Virgo who has a tendency to complain.

Again, I don’t mean to disparage Virgo. I have a ton of Virgo in my chart. But I know first hand how rigid they can be. The endless (mental) lists of fault finding what is wrong. They often do not even realize they do this. Point it out and maybe they see it but then go back to the same old. Mercury is the Mind and Mercury the Mind is the hardest thing to change! Negative thought patterns! The lack of vision. Lack of hope. NOT ALL VIRGOS no. But the low vibration or the habitual is as difficult as any other low vibration.  Libra also has its bad side BUT I posit that:

during Jupiter in Libra you will have more pleasure, more leisure, more friendship, more affection, more desire for commitment, more love, more beauty and of course it’s not that simple (what with hard angles from Pluto and Uranus) but I feel it (the life you create if it supports who you are and what you value) has the potential to be lasting — because of that sextile (harmonious) to Saturn who creates structures of integrity.

“Balance” is a common keyword for the opposition and it is also a common keyword for Libra. But a common Jupiter keyword is expansion. So here we have this expanded instinct for balance with Jupiter in Libra and yet it will be opposing (seeking balance) with WILDMAN URANUS IN ARIES. Conflict is another “opposition” keyword.

This, my friends, will be very interesting. Of which will you seek more? On which side will you err? Jupiter or Uranus? Libra or Aries? And across what axis in your chart will you experience this?

I’m getting ahead of myself though. I will talk more about each of these individual transits as they come up.

At its best, Jupiter in Libra will bring us more awareness of what we value, more discussion of what we value, more writing about and thinking about what we value, on an individual level and in the collective. I consider this good. Discussion of values leads to knowing ourselves.

Jupiter rules blessing, rules benediction. At its best Jupiter in Libra will bring us peace.

One other thing to think about before I say goodbye for now:

Libra is known for her/his indecisiveness or passive aggressive “forcing” others to make the first move, to initiate, to decide. Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is lazy. Squared or Trined, Venus is lazy. The square or trine shows how we FEEL about it at any given time. The square or trine shows our life experience at any given time. Venus does not rule hard work. Venus rules relaxation.

Well think about this my darlings in terms of your own decision making process and in terms of your own initiation process, Jupiter in Libra will BRING YOU (Us) MORE decisions to be made and perhaps more indecisiveness in regards to WHAT TO DO perhaps because BOTH OPTIONS (or all of the options) have their value!!! OMG!

So you are REALLY going to have to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT to make these decisions and not leave it up to the other person


The decisions being made? They are Jupiter Pluto, Jupiter Uranus, Jupiter Saturn decisions.  And then whatever else Jupiter in Libra will aspect in your chart.

Think about that, as just one example of the coming days: what is Jupiter Pluto luxury to YOU. Jupiter Pluto beauty. Jupiter Pluto FAIRNESS. Jupiter Pluto decisions.

What about Jupiter Uranus? You will be balancing, trying to balance, trying to PLEASE, these two energies.

Okay my friends. This blog post has gone on long enough and I promised I wouldn’t write a book.

And yet Jupiter rules publishing.


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