Pisces Season, Day One: Unfathomable What?

"south node in virgo"You discover what is happening in your life by being quiet. There is no other way. Where I live now is very quiet. I have no choice but to face my life. I don’t even have to meditate although I want to mediate. I enjoy meditation. But to see my life, feel my life, I need do nothing special, nothing extra. I moved from a large vibrant city to a rural small town. Temporarily. It’s temporary. I’ve been here almost two months. Almost. And during the first month I continued with my same workaholic routines (born of necessity – I’m self employed – this is a topic unto itself for another blog post – how to relax and take breaks when you are self employed and how this actually can increase your income). ¬†And as I’ve been writing about in recent blog posts, I have feelings again. Because I’m not too tired to feel. And not working too much to feel. I have room to feel. I may be out of practice. This can be terrifying for some. I am not terrified but I admit it’s taken me by surprise.

And now we’re in Pisces Season. The Moon. The High Priestess. The Cup suit of the Tarot. We’ll have a Pisces Eclipse too. We get to feel again. After the work of Capricorn Season and the mental stimulation of Aquarius Season. Now comes the mystery. Neptune is the deep unfathomable.

Who among us dare admit to understanding Pisces. Is it you?


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