The Stars This Week: Deep In The Root

"venus opposition pluto"I was not feeling well this morning so I slept and slept and slept. I postponed my clients.

Now I’m up and I wanted to come here and write a little to you.

So much happening this week sky-wise. I want to summarize.

It’s a STRONG week. Strong. Are you feeling strong? Strong blood, strong bones, strong love.

And a question: how often do step out of your habitual ways of thinking? Ever? Never? Daily? Do you try? Do people tell you your tendency and are you able to listen?

See, we have these healthy supportive aspects this week from personal planets (the Sun and Venus) to outer planets (Saturn and Pluto) known for their difficult temperaments so the opportunity is there – to make great progress on your projects (due to harmonious aspects) but Mercury is still retrograde.

What is your mind doing? What does your mind usually do? Think about it. Great potential for great progress. Moon’s in Scorpio so you can plumb the watery depths while you work.

The weekend is more wobbly. I’ll write more as it gets closer…


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