And Your Advice For The Weekend Is….

"moon conjunct jupiter"
Maybe the rain is always a baptism although I feel inadequate to use this metaphor although perhaps I should not. We all use metaphors, use language, that we have not experienced. Astrologers who write about astrology, such as myself, we have not experienced ALL the transits. And there are some we will never experience because some planets take a while to go around the wheel.

But I’m thinking about the rebirth and I’m thinking about the new starts that I predicted the last couple days (see links below) and I’m thinking about Hurricane Hermine which didn’t do much damage where I live but it rained heavily in the wee hours and it rained and it rained, and I couldn’t sleep as she made landfall after 2am. The heavy rains did stop and start and I slept and woke and got finally got up mid-morning after sleeping in, waking, and sleeping, stepped out the door to survey the land and go for a walk, and it started to rain and I thought:

Is this it? 

Not out of disappointment. Not is THAT it but more… we’re starting now, right? The new life, right? THIS. Something.

So let’s look at the transits. The breeze is beautiful through my window right now, the sun is shining, and I think Goldy found a window he can sit in, like in the old days of 2nd floor New York City apartments and that coffee (not from Starbucks) was NOT STRONG ENOUGH so bear with me.

Moon conjunct Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Jupiter all in picky Virgo – that’s this afternoon for my timezone (Eastern). Mood and Mind and Boundless Hopeful Optimism get along. Good words, good thoughts but of the past (retrograde). You are editing. Even with Jupiter involved there is a risk of being too picky and critical. Seeing trees but no forest. Rain but no baptism. 

Moon enters Libra around 9pm.

(And already we can “count down” to the next Eclipse but let’s not do that just yet…)

The weekend Moon in Libra (love, money, beauty, art, partnership) aspects are a mixed bag but plenty of good, such as the Moon Venus conjunction and Moon sextile Saturn. The Moon Pluto square is less friendly but listen – yesterday I was talking to you about the new feelings you can feel, that you can add to your life, well, not all of them feel great: Moon square Pluto for example is a problem you cannot fix this weekend but what you fail to understand is that feelings aren’t always nice and they do not have to be and do not require fixing.

There are more aspects – Moon sextile Mars, Moon opposing Uranus (and more) but honestly I wouldn’t get hung up on the minutia of this stuff – not today, not tomorrow, not this weekend (even though I am listing much of it).

I drew the High Priestess for advice.
Do nothing. Hard as that may be.
Do nothing. Wait out the storm.

Is this the new day? Let me know. 


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