The Stars This Week: Mood Swings + What Fire Is That?

"moon square mercury" This week is all about the Mercury, your mind, all about the messages and messengers.

Pages from your Tarot deck.

We’ll be under a Mercury Jupiter inconjunct and a Mercury Saturn trine on Tuesday. Wednesday is the Mercury Pluto square and then Mercury conjunct Uranus on Thursday. MERCURY IN ARIES. Aries is Mars is the warrior. You feel angry. Defensive. Ready. Angry. Defensive. Ready. Stressed.

I urge patience and caution. Breathe. No hysteria. Breathe.

The Mercury Jupiter inconjunct does not fit. Fast car Aries + Virgo REFUSAL? No. These two do not agree. You can’t think your way out of Tuesday. Jupiter in Virgo keeps slowing you down. The car stalls. You may think that pushy fire trine will help but only adds frustration. Stay in the BODY on Tuesday. Breathe.

Wednesday and Thursday is a familiar story: cardinal planet (Mercury this time) aspecting Pluto and Uranus and to complicate things we also have a sad Venus Chiron conjunction. And a Capricorn Moon (also cardinal).

That’s the simplest way to put it: it’s a Moon square Mercury week. Frustration. Temper tantrums. Mood swings. I don’t think you feel so good. I don’t think you think so good. Stay in the body, stay in the body, stay in the body. Meditate. Breathe breathe breathe. The grounding kind of meditation where you observe your breath or candle or other object. Stay in your body. Return to the body.

If you want something to look forward to, look forward to next week’s New Moon, a new start in your Aries House. What fire is that?


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