Saturn Through The Fourth House & Other Hard Transits

"saturn through the 4th house" Transits give you options, although it doesn’t always feel that way.

Uranus square my Sun for example, of which I just had the last pass. What options were those? Die or die? I still had options even though all the roads of the crossroads felt daunting, frightening. Transits give you options.

Saturn is currently transiting my 4th House. It squared my Ascendent and will again. It trined my Chiron (an awesome transit, not to be underestimated) and will again.

But let’s talk about Saturn through the 4th House options. An astrologer told me, before this transit happened, how awful it would be and was for her. I didn’t want to hear it. I mean, I already knew there would be some difficulties and I didn’t want my Neptune messed with. I needed my Neptune. She was right though. There was devastation for sure BUT…

There was, is, more.

Saturn through the 4th can solidify home, solidify FAMILY, not just tear it apart. The creation of the stronger, better version is this transit too.

So remember that – the next time you are roiling in your horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible transit. What might be the benefit or the option? It’s there.¬†