Saturn Changes Signs But Not Houses (In Your Chart): What Does It Mean?

"saturn square moon" It’s kind of a technical topic but an important one!

What happens when a planet changes SIGN but doesn’t change HOUSE — in your chart?

And let’s say you use PLACIDUS (or some other house system) and NOT the Whole Sign system (which would give you a new house position when the planet changes signs).

What does it feel like?
What can you expect?

I recommend to use the house system that you believe in, the one you are comfortable with, the one you believe to be true for you.

But I also think it’s worthwhile to do double-duty.

Do Placidus AND Whole.
Do Koch AND Whole.
Do Equal AND Whole.

Or whatever combination you prefer.

I’ll tell you what I’m noticing – about my own chart. I think it may help you too.

Saturn in Sagittarius was my 4th House.

And I also had Saturn square my Moon so there were big time lessons and messages and revelations about HOME and family and BELONGING and a move and a big rental house and etc etc and my beloved Cleo went from body to pure energy, pure spirit (very Saturn 4th, also Pluto 4th in my Solar Return)…

Using Placidus, Saturn is STILL in my 4th House.

I call it “finishing up” in my 4th House and won’t enter my 5th until… late this year or early 2019 (have to check the degree).

OR is Saturn already in my 5th? Is Whole Signs more TRUE but that cusp line is still a high vibrational point? 

We know one thing for sure: SATURN CHANGED SIGNS. Saturn went from Sagittarius to Capricorn. And Saturn is no longer squaring any of my Virgo and will TRINE my Virgo.

I am still in the house but honestly I have felt: I can move now if I want. And I have felt: I can stay. And I have felt: it’s okay. I love you, house, no matter what challenges arise. I feel more “settled” even though it’s not *my* house. After all this time, I’m finally there. It’s mine and not mine.

I think it’s an interesting set of questions and they don’t need ONE definitive answer.

Your LIFE will tell you what the answer is. Pay attention. You’ll know. 

FOR SURE the squares to my Virgo stuff are over. For sure Saturn is in Capricorn which is harmonious and “at home.”

And for sure I am suddenly literally suddenly thinking about: home and where do I belong and roots MORE than before. Where do I live? What kind of place? How does a self-employed astrologer purchase property? Do I want to? What to do? ALL such questions.

Saturn through my 4th… was TOO HARD to face those questions. I was too busy SURVIVING.

And now? It’s just not as painful. Not perfect, but not as painful.

As for what Saturn in my 5th might feel like, well, I don’t have kids (5th) but I am a creator and so maybe I’ve got one foot in one world and one foot in the next (4th and 5th) and it may be a similar situation for you. My book comes out this year. 2019 could bring new interesting 5th House stuff!

Where’s your transiting Saturn these days?

"Saturn in capricorn"

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Pluto Opposition Sun: DONE

"pluto oppose sun"

I can’t believe it. I’m in shock.

And I know I’m going to be blogging about this for a while to come. 
Saturn square my Moon DONE. Not out of my Fourth House yet but Saturn square Moon DONE. 


And I first had Pluto Sun when I had Uranus Sun. Same time. YEARS AGO. I was still in NYC. And then came Saturn on my IC square my Ascendent (bad!).

So this is a personal post and I’m here to tell you that I’m on the mountain now. Or maybe I’m in the field. Maybe it’s a dirt road. I don’t know what it is but it’s DONE. I’m on the other side. Pluto promises (does Pluto promise?) death and rebirth.

It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. I feel it. I feel on the other side and yes Pluto has more of my planets to oppose but at the later degrees have more support and the SUN IS THE SUN. There is only one Sun in your chart and one Ascendent and one Moon. The heart of you.

All I can say is… the ending of this transit is so major that… I don’t know anything and yet I know everything (everything I needed to know) and I kept working throughout it all. Rarely did I stop. I stopped for Hurricane Irma. I think I stopped BRIEFLY when I left NYC for Ohio and then Florida.

I feel all this… space. And I’m not sure what to do with it yet or where I’m going. I do know that my book is supposed to come out next year and… we’ll see. Life before the Uranus Pluto square. Life after the Uranus Pluto square. Life before Pluto Sun. Life after Pluto Sun.

To be continued…

Are You Under Hard Transits? Read This First

"jupiter in libra"There’s all this change going on and we are being asked to NOT hold onto the past.

The past had its virtues yes. The past got us HERE but something else, something *better* is being asked of us now.

It’s a call. It’s a calling. But you have to get quiet and listen. You have to get quiet and hear your own particular call. What your life wants of you. What your God or Goddess/Higher Power/Fate wants of you. Things can’t remain the same.

If you try to block it, if you go kicking and screaming (as my teacher would say)… and then I forget how he ended that sentence.

But he was expressing the frustration of the planets, of the transits, of LIFE. He was speaking FOR life. He was saying pretty much DON’T go kicking and screaming under that hard transit. Allow yourself to be changed. Allow it.

And I will add:

allow it because if you block this or try to block this you also block the good. Your fear of change may be blocking the good.

Can you feel this? Parts of your world crumbling? The pieces are all around you and you scramble to maintain something which is no longer functioning and you fear of course you fear that you will lose what little you have.

Well, I made this discovery yesterday for myself, not theory or reading it but FEELING it, as I am tending to feel something crumble around me as I struggle to maintain it, give it life support, when maybe it needs to die.

And you know what I’m going to say. That death presumes resurrection! You just don’t know what or who you will come back as yet


The more you ALLOW the process… the greater your chance of success. Allow. This is a mindset and an action. Allow.

Say it:

I allow what needs to come through to come through. I trust you. I believe you will steer me right. No matter the past. No matter the mistakes. Illusions. Pain. In the blink of an eye it’s gone. It’s all gone and like the Fool card we have a clean slate. It’s like when you move and your old address is printed on the check. Cross out the old address. You don’t live there anymore.

When you are under hard transits that is what you must do: listen and allow.

If structures or ways of life are crumbling for you and you have no idea what will be built? Of course you are afraid. That’s normal and natural and okay. And breathing, listening, and allowing (i.e. surrendering. Isabel Hickey chose SURRENDER as one of her Pluto higher vibration keywords) will see you through.

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The House Is The Honey (When The Sun’s In Cancer)

For a Cancer, letting someone into your house is like having sex with them.

That may sound like hyperbole to you but I’m making a point.
About the privacy and intimacy and sacredness of the Cancerian home.
And maybe you feel the same.
Maybe you have a heavily aspected Moon or 4th House planets.
Or maybe you just feel the same.

Last year I was dating (for lack of a better word) this Taurus…

and after it ended he told me how (in backhanded compliment way) he likes a “nice room” —
and was uncomfortable in my apartment (because he likes a nice room lol) and how it was a testament to ME, how awesome I am, that he was even able to tolerate it at all, that I made it okay. My awesomeness was stronger than my shithole of an apartment apparently.
And how it was “good for him” to experience that.

I had let this person into my body and dear reader it was a sexual connection beyond the likes I’d ever experienced (our Mars conjunct). He had no complains about *that* house.

Cancer Season + Saturn transiting my 4th House:
Saturn = BOUNDARY.
4th House = home, your inner self, Cancer, the Moon, where the Soul enters.

And the sky is a Saturn square Neptune sky. This square is VERY much still active. It has not been clear who to let in, who NOT to let it. It’s becoming painfully clear under this square. 

There was a time in my glorious delusional Neptune self when I couldn’t picture kissing anyone but that Taurus. I really liked him. But now I’m on the other side of it. I will never let him in my new house, my beautiful old new house, my chamber, my hive, my honey. He offered a few weeks ago. To come see me. Once I got settled. No, I said.

The house is the honey and the honey is the hive and I used to share it pretty freely, if I wanted to. Not sooo self-protective if I liked you. But I’ve learned that… the more I like you, the MORE I need to self-protect, not less.


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Saturn Through My 4th House During Cancer Season

"saturn in the 4th house" I love this house. She has needs but we all do.

Saturn through my 4th House during Cancer Season. Cancer is an expert at needs – having them and responding to them.

It’s Thursday morning as I write this. Been here almost a month and what a trip it’s been. Happy to see my Solar Return 2015 leaving. Did you know your Solar Return can be felt even THREE MONTHS prior to your birthday? Did you know the month before is the transition month? I love ideas like this. Out with the old and in with the new. I also love underarm sweat stains in the Florida heat. I went out to the farmer’s market yesterday in a short sleeved grey t-shirt and thought I saw that half moon of sweat under each arm as I caught my reflection in a store window. At first I was surprised. Then I felt embarrassed, wondered if I saw right.

Then I thought: well alright. I’m an earthy sexy sweaty Florida lady who doesn’t shave under her arms and if she wears deodorant at all it’s gonna be some wimpy Tom’s of Maine.

Florida. The state with the prettiest name (wrote Elizabeth Bishop). Smell me.

What transits are you watching? 


Kiss The Boy (Or Girl) Anyway: More Advice For Eclipse Season

"new moon eclipse in pisces" Finishing some Email Readings and thinking about life. That even when we feel at our most hopeless, pointless (and that Viktor Frankl paperback is out of reach), it’s important to kiss the boy (or girl) anyway. Sometimes this is a metaphor. Sometimes it isn’t.

What is the kiss? The kiss is hope itself.

Despite the square (tension) from Saturn (discipline, lack), I am hopeful about this Eclipse.

Why? Because Jupiter. I’m going with Jupiter on this one.

Yes I know Jupiter in the sign of the secretary (i.e. VIRGO) is picky and critical and about as UN-Jupiter as it gets but…

Jupiter in Virgo has the proof and will show you that your Piscean pipe dream isn’t a dream at all.
Or, at the very least, how to make it happen.
You, yes you, under this Eclipse, can access the map of your Pisces House. You can see it. You can read it. Jupiter in Virgo is very VERY particular.

Jupiter is travel to the most far away place but Jupiter in VIRGO? The details are there too. It’s not just optimism and a promise. It’s a list in a language you understand, with good grammar and great handwriting.

So fear not the t-square! Fear not Saturn squaring Jupiter and the New Moon in Pisces.

I recommend making your own map. We did this in a class once. Time to do it again. And if you were in that class, time to review that map, from way back when.

Where are you now? 


Ronda Rousey + Your Saturn In Sagittarius Cure For Pain

"ronda rousey astrology"
Image from People Magazine

I’ve got two things on my mind for today’s blog post:

1) the astrology of Ronda Rousey + her upcoming transits

2) your Saturn in Sagittarius cure for pain

I will write about the STARS THIS WEEK in a separate blog post

This is not a comprehensive reading for Ms. Rousey. Just a few things:

I got Ronda’s chart from the astrotheme website. No birth time but a late Pisces Moon.

There was some discussion on my Facebook Timeline of how could this fighter be a Pisces Moon but I believe it 100% (Pisces can hurt you, like any other sign. Trust me on this).

She is a legend, before the age of Saturn Return, and is fierce as fire Mars in Aries, but anyone with eyes and intuition can see, can feel, this woman warrior’s vulnerable emotional core underneath the Aquarian Sun steel. (Interesting too to note that Jillian Michaels is also Aquarius Sun.)

Aquarians are not touchy feely in my experience. In fact, they may run from that kind of thing (emotions they perceive as “too much”) UNLESS other chart factors indicate a gooey center (like Rousey’s chart does — Moon JUPITER in Pisces, expanding the emotional center).

And even then they may run – because their emotions are so deep as to be unfathomable.

"ronda rousey astrology" So she’s a young legend already (and yes I got my Pay-Per-View last night and I’m glad I did, to watch her defeat Bethe Correia) and I see the next couple years are pivotal for her:

her SATURN RETURN is coming

What will change for Ronda Rousey? What will she leave behind?

Saturn Return is a fierce as fire reality check, rite of passage. We grow up. She can’t, she won’t continue along the SAME path. Similar maybe but not same. Saturn is our WORK, karma. Fate.

Perhaps after her SR she will do more film and less fighting. Think back to YOUR Saturn Return. Life before and after.

She also has her Venus in Sagittarius (running from love, runaway love) so she’ll have both i.e. Saturn conjunct her Venus and her Saturn Return — in the same time frame — and Saturn squaring her Moon Jupiter.

"ronda rousey astrology" I don’t want to make any predictions here i.e. but if your mother is alive and Saturn is square your Moon…. well, this a FEMALE TRANSIT. Anything aspecting your Moon is a female transit, possibly affecting the women in your life (family or not), including your opponents!

The September New Moon Eclipse in Virgo will oppose her Pisces Moon Jupiter. Damn I wish we had a birth time so I could see the Houses but suffice to say that Moon vs. Moon = more fighting with women :)

She’s also going to be under a Jupiter opposition. Her star will continue to rise and yes there is much more to say because her chart will be getting direct hits from all the new mutable placements (Nodes, Jupiter, Saturn) but I will stop here for now. We can go more in depth later if you like :)

I’m so in love Ronda Rousey and fascinated by Mixed Martial Arts in general — competition, bravery, drama — so I will definitely write more on this topic…


I ended Yesterday’s Blog Post on Trauma & Healing and Saturn in Sagittarius like this:

Redemption. True Healing.
To really be DONE with the past.
How to get there? How to do this?


Saturn going direct will help. You need a plan.

"saturn in sagittarius" And from my Facebook:

Sagittarius tells stories. Saturn rules the dead.
(Free-associating here.) Stories of the Dead. Dead Stories.
YOUR DEATH. And your story of coming back to life.
I have one, I have two, I have three, I have four and more.
It’s not just Pluto that rules death. Saturn does too. So.
Saturn in Sagittarius.
The story of what nearly killed you but did not. That’s Saturn.
You wanted to die. But here you are reading this. Kind of amazing right?
And I’m thinking about the upcoming Saturn in Sag square Jupiter in Virgo.
What a funny transit right? Saturn in Sag puts on the brakes. Jupiter expands your tunnel vision. Going nowhere fast.
The careful telling of the beautifully meticulous STORY. There has to be a story here.
The square is going to push you push you push you.

Part of your Cure for Pain is to tell your story. That’s Thing One.
Thing Two is to rid yourself of all shame.

"venus opposition pluto"Someone left this amazing comment on my blog post yesterday. I couldn’t have said it better myself (although was trying to — on my blog).

If anyone feels powerless and terrified, revenge, rage and hatred are the only way to climb back from the darkness. Religions and “be positive” movement by demonising strong negative emotions only guilt trip the victims of abuse back into powerlessness.


And now that Saturn is direct again, we can plan. And write. Write write write write. Even the non-writers reading this :) Saturn is structure. Sagittarius (as I wrote above) is the storyteller. And the story. Isn’t it time you told yours? 

Hmm maybe it’s time for me to return to my Writing Workshop idea which I had to put on hold this spring (I was too sick to do it). I’m also thrilled to finally meet a new poet friend of mine. We have talked about collaboration and now finally this fall she will be in my city.

The mutable mess of 2016 (Nodes in Virgo/Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, no outer planets in Gemini so life gets extra interesting for THEM, and let’s not forget Neptune and Chiron in Pisces) IS going to make us all feel a bit scattered BUT I think we’re going to have far more fun overall.

To be continued… 

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Loneliness Is Not A Problem: Saturn Square Moon (By Transit)

Sunday subway preacher on the Uptown train, in love with God, a passenger muttering YES in between his phrases, and an interesting discussion got started in one of the Chat Rooms this morning (and yes, there is room for you in there, message me if curious).

This gal with the Saturn Moon transit knows her astrology and her tarot too and heaps of other things so whatever I say, I say with respect.

She started talking about loneliness. Waves of loneliness. She was starting to feel them, despite what *some* would consider a wide orb at the moment. Saturn starting to square her natal Moon.

I answered: Loneliness is not a problem. Rule no. 1 of Earth School. 

She asked: What is a problem. Nothing?

I answered: ? (I wasn’t sure what she meant).

She clarified and I talked about a girl I know who had cancer and the whole time she was talking about OTHERS who had it MUCH WORSE than her. Problems are often a matter of perspective. What terrifies me… may be jellybeans to you.

The Saturn Moon girl then spoke of her fear of her world getting smaller. She’s got a Jupiter Mars conjunction in the 9th House. My friend who had cancer also has Jupiter Mars, but in the 1st House, natally.

Saturn is transiting through my 3rd at this time and I realize my words can be harsh and the truth is, I want to build my next class around this. And maybe no one will want to take this class, but the idea that… what’s coming through my mouth is sharper/finer than usual at this time, but also pointy, pointed. That said, I am a sensitive Cancer and I felt as though I had dismissed her concern. So I responded again. And my comments got lost while in transit AND my phone kept autocorrecting lonely, replacing it with LOVELY. Ha! So I’m trying to recreate it here.

Loneliness is US. We are Alive with it. Teeming. It’s a JUICY (a Pema Chodron word) opportunity to get closer to YOUR life, to what makes YOU feel afraid, fragile, horrified. Look it in the eye. WHAT IF. Saturn transits are lonely. But so what. No big deal. So you are lonely. I am lonely too. No Shame. We’re all in this together. We’re THIS close.

I don’t presume that my words actually speak to her. I don’t presume that it’s a perfect match. I don’t presume that something she said in passing that triggered ME is a trigger for her. But still I felt compelled because I came out of the womb lonely. And for the first time in my life I am NOT lonely and I know for sure that the only way to… be able to RELY on your stable/self/core is to bend down and face WHAT IS THERE inside you.

Saturn is in Scorpio. Whatever you think you know? KNOW  MORE. Know that there is more to know. There IS another layer. There is a detail you’ve overlooked.

Pain like this, a transit like this, only surfaces once in a while, like a black tangle of seaweed on a Miami beach. They looked like doll skeletons to me, when I was a kid, blown in on the waves.

Here’s a Pluto Pollyanna for ya:

Hug and kiss this loneliness. Make sweet love to it. Crush it in your warm arms with passion and tongue.

Another story: I was in my late 20s and becoming religious and moved to Brooklyn and was staying with a friend who was very devout and her mother came to visit, who knew very little English, and she asked me, as everyone did then, where my parents were, and I always tell the uncomfortable truth. That they are gone, dead. And the woman raised up her eyes saying something to the effect that all I had was God. To her, this was not a bad thing. But a fact. And not a bad one.

The girl with Saturn square her Moon and Jupiter Mars in her 9th House will be having a GOD TRANSIT. But aren’t they all? (is what my husband would probably say to me) but Jupiter is what you believe and the 9th is the house of God and this morning I had a related revelation, an hour or so before the chat room discussion:

I realized that I am having the best problems in the world (from my perspective) and this fact shook me out of my (grumpy bitchy) reverie while I was on the train. Had a fight with my husband last night. MY HUSBAND.



I am not lonely today. But I could be lonely tomorrow. Someday he’ll die. And I’ll be brutally inconsolably lonely. But right now is right now and my problems are beautiful. Previous to my marriage?  I was only fighting with myself.

Don’t you realize that he wants exactly what you want ? (I thought to myself). To make you happy.

And THAT, in a nutshell, is the sublime transit that we are under now and that will perfect tomorrow: Pluto sextile Chiron:

Pluto (crap from your core arises)

Sextile (you can do it, just flip the switch)

Chiron (making you well).

More to come tomorrow…

Love, MP


I WILL be announcing my new class soon (scheduled for November) and it WILL happen. Apologies to the folks who signed up for the last one that didn’t happen. Just wasn’t the right time. It WILL be a Mars in Libra class (i.e. the Grand Cross of 2014 and how to work with that energy) but also a relationship class (for those who want me to root around in their Mars and Venus stuff). The gloves will be off and I will be sharing the truth (as I understand it) with all willing participants ;) 

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Saturn Square Moon In Synastry

"saturn in scorpio"You know what squares in synastry are? They are misunderstandings.

And misunderstandings can be understood! Once you really get a sense of the planet in the sign that’s squaring yours… it becomes less painful. Trust me on this. It’s a lesson I just learned and it rings so damn true.

I was talking about a situation with the girls in the private forum. We were chatting about various synastry things, sharing opinions, and I was complaining about someone close to me, his Saturn square my Moon and how shitty that felt.

And then one of the girls suggested I dip into Liz Greene’s Saturn book (which I do have) and I took it on the train today and I read but ONE sentence in that book about my friend’s Saturn in Sagittarius and it all became clear.

And less painful. In an instant. That’s the amazing thing about astrology.

See, a square is a difference between the two of you. That’s all. A difference with sharp edges. Jarring, jangling energy at times.  But with a little time (Saturn) and maturity (Saturn) and sensitivity (Moon), you can soften that square. Although you  may always need to be aware. At least now you know!

Today when I went for a walk with my friend and I got all philosophical as I tend to do… I didn’t get annoyed when he couldn’t get all philosophical back! He’s got Saturn in Sagittarius! He don’t go there! Saturn is a limit, a fear! It refuses! And Sagittarius is the expansive, philosophical, wandering, pondering mind.

But Saturn is also our work! Saturn rules Capricorn!

I’m his Sagittarius is what I told the room. And I don’t have any planets in that sign. But that’s how it began to feel.  I have  Jupiter in Libra sextile Venus and it’s exact. And Saturn in my 9th House: I am seriously philosophical :)

So there you have it. Astrology can make YOU and your relationships more sane.



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Moon Alert! The Moon Is Still In Cancer! (Part Deux!)

"moon pluto"

The Moon is conjunct my Sun in Cancer right now and ha ha ha Saturn! The Moon may be approaching YOU but you are one degree off of (sorry for the awkward sentence construction) squaring my Sun.

So go on now, fuck with my Mercury, make my words hurt. Crash into my Mars, make me fall down, just leave my SUN alone.  Done.

You know what the Sun is? It’s WHO YOU ARE. Self, ego, identity, spirit, will, essence, you.  It’s the you who goes to sleep, the you who wakes up. The you who eats and shits and screws and loves and HATES and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and fails and… finally gets it right :)

So here’s the question: how do you get anything right when Saturn (hello Capricorn!) is squaring your Cancer Sun?

So here’s the answer: YOU WORK. You work on your self ego identity spirit will essence you.

And then Saturn comes along and says: let me take something else from you. Let me take this and this and this. How do you feel now? It’s the big squeeze, right? Not that Saturn asks how you feel. He doesn’t ask questions.

Capricorn is here to show Cancer the way to work and Aries is here to make Cancer brave and Libra is here to make Cancer think about someone else.

But you can replace Cancer with any sign, with your sign. Look to the signs that square and oppose you to find your way. Got it? We can talk about this more tomorrow :)

How’s Saturn treating you these days? 

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