Are You Under Hard Transits? Read This First

"jupiter in libra"There’s all this change going on and we are being asked to NOT hold onto the past.

The past had its virtues yes. The past got us HERE but something else, something *better* is being asked of us now.

It’s a call. It’s a calling. But you have to get quiet and listen. You have to get quiet and hear your own particular call. What your life wants of you. What your God or Goddess/Higher Power/Fate wants of you. Things can’t remain the same.

If you try to block it, if you go kicking and screaming (as my teacher would say)… and then I forget how he ended that sentence.

But he was expressing the frustration of the planets, of the transits, of LIFE. He was speaking FOR life. He was saying pretty much DON’T go kicking and screaming under that hard transit. Allow yourself to be changed. Allow it.

And I will add:

allow it because if you block this or try to block this you also block the good. Your fear of change may be blocking the good.

Can you feel this? Parts of your world crumbling? The pieces are all around you and you scramble to maintain something which is no longer functioning and you fear of course you fear that you will lose what little you have.

Well, I made this discovery yesterday for myself, not theory or reading it but FEELING it, as I am tending to feel something crumble around me as I struggle to maintain it, give it life support, when maybe it needs to die.

And you know what I’m going to say. That death presumes resurrection! You just don’t know what or who you will come back as yet


The more you ALLOW the process… the greater your chance of success. Allow. This is a mindset and an action. Allow.

Say it:

I allow what needs to come through to come through. I trust you. I believe you will steer me right. No matter the past. No matter the mistakes. Illusions. Pain. In the blink of an eye it’s gone. It’s all gone and like the Fool card we have a clean slate. It’s like when you move and your old address is printed on the check. Cross out the old address. You don’t live there anymore.

When you are under hard transits that is what you must do: listen and allow.

If structures or ways of life are crumbling for you and you have no idea what will be built? Of course you are afraid. That’s normal and natural and okay. And breathing, listening, and allowing (i.e. surrendering. Isabel Hickey chose SURRENDER as one of her Pluto higher vibration keywords) will see you through.

Questions? Message me at I’m not running any specials right now officially except my little Instagram mini Tarot but I’m willing to try to work within your budget if you think we are a good fit. We can discuss.


From my Facebook: the September Group details:

Curious about your transits????????
Need help understanding what the hell?

In some ways the classes are BETTER than 1:1 readings because I am pretty much at your disposal for the length of the class time and you can ask QUESTIONS

i.e. we aren’t limited to an hour’s worth of time like in a reading.


It’s another ASTROLOGY themed group with just a touch of Tarot…

I will include the transiting Goddess Asteroids as well and we will discuss among other things:

PLUTO. PLUTO GOES DIRECT IN SEPTEMBER and we will have a Mars Pluto conjunction in October and Mars will square Uranus and we will have New Moons and Full Moons and, well, come join us….

MUCH to discuss! 

The general plan: to look at important transits of September and October – in our charts! And to discuss these planetary energies in general, what they mean. Yes let us review WHAT IS PLUTO ALL ABOUT???

So this is another astrology offering – with a smattering of Tarot.

We never did the Goddess Asteroids – which I had hoped – but we will include them (their transits) in this group – Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, Juno.

If you are interested, you can certainly message me to ask questions or pre-register –

I’m thinking three- weeks –
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Basically what we do is explore the lay of the land 🙂 in your LIFE and chart the stars in a SECRET group here on Facebook <3