Venus Is Retrograde & We Must Re/Discover Our Values

Two years. It took me two years to write a book, a novel. I didn’t realize it was a novel at the time.

And I finished it the summer of 2022 and then queried agent after agent, jumping through the necessary literary agent hoops and probably queried nearly a hundred agents (I’d have to count) and school was all-consuming and still I queried here and there and now it’s a year later and, as they say, crickets-

But tonight I realized I can’t let her go without a fight, I can’t abandon her. I have to try more, try harder, try differently. I have to. This is my Venus retrograde transit, or part of it. I can’t just… let her die. 

And this summer I’d been looking into writing a new book, along the lines of what I have done before, and I approached a press and I just couldn’t… make up my mind. Thursday I felt bad about it. Friday I felt good about it. Saturday no. Sunday yes. And so on. For weeks.

These things take time anyway, contract negotiations, writing proposals, setting up meetings, but today on my little Patreon I posted a POLL asking them if I should do it. I was looking for something and didn’t know what. Some kind of feeling.  And I read a few heartfelt responses and suddenly I thought to open up the file on my computer of my novel and…

THIS IS THE BOOK I WANT TO GET INTO THE WORLD. Everything else? Everything else is commentary, extra. And it could be dreadful. I’m fully aware of that. But for some reason, I have to birth it. And I think I was trying to… let it go. I thought I had let it go.

Funny. Getting in touch with this feeling, this desire… I feel like myself again. I feel alive.



Please take this Venus retrograde transit seriously.

Take it to heart. Your LIFE depends on it.

Because, otherwise, what the F are you doing here if not… to put your stamp on the world, your signature, your little piece of you, so you aren’t forgotten, ever.

And now I gotta go wash the dishes.

Much love,