More Thoughts On Pluto & Pluto Entering Aquarius

I see my Pluto so clearly now and I have a feeling it’s only going to get more clear, which scares me a little. It’s exciting too. To get to know oneself. It’s a deep process. Make no mistake. I used to think I knew my Pluto, could see my Pluto, and then BAM there he was doing/saying something that might be construed as unreasonable. Or not. It happened today. Pluto doesn’t show up one day and act like any other energy. Pluto is not Neptune. Pluto is not the Sun (ha). Pluto is not JUPITER. Pluto is the deepest energy, the most real, the most compassionate, genuinely compassionate. Really. And Pluto is the most problematic. Pluto has the power to heal and to curse and to kill.

And you know what? I don’t think Pluto is about intimacy. Pluto is about domination, power, and control. I guess that’s pretty intimate in the way that Pluto can be a thief or get under your skin but when I think of intimacy in a *good* way I’m not thinking Pluto.

Once you know where your Pluto is, in your birth chart, and how it’s aspected, how it functions, what it means, then you can start to… direct your life. It might take a lifetime but what else are you doing? I think you can add in some Pluto studies but it means you’ll be jumping into the deepest end. And not everybody wants that and that’s fine. I’m just saying that I’m meeting my Pluto and I’m also saying that Pluto is about to move from Capricorn to Aquarius so you may as well remember where your magic comes from. Pluto changing signs is a HUGE event for us all. And Pluto changing signs means it’s time to take another look at your natal Pluto.

I remember saying to my ex-therapist that I didn’t need any more therapy. He pretty much laughed at me (I mean he didn’t laugh at me, but… he disagreed). He was right. And you might be wondering what’s the point of going deeper? And, again not that you have to but… we always think we know. More often than not if you’ve been abused, traumatized, left for dead, you think you KNOW yourself. And you DO know a lot. But there’s a lot you don’t know. There’s a lot you don’t see. You don’t see all the ways you do your thing and how your thing is to keep things steady It’s human nature. Survival. I get it. But I hear it when I talk to people. I see where they’re at. And it’s not my job to rock their boat (as a humble astrologer) but it doesn’t mean I don’t see it. It rings SO loudly in my ears.

Anyway. Pluto is on the verge of a big change which means all of us are.

To be continued… 

"Jupiter retrograde"