I’m Back (Aquarius Season + Saturn Pluto Conjunction Recap)

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(Astrology for the Week of January 27th)

We are done with sloppy. For the moment.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday sloppy Neptune.
Tears, confusion, wine.

Now the Moon is in fast driving Aries and we’re ready. Ready for… ???


It’s Wednesday afternoon as I write this. No complaints about this sky. I like Thursday too. Passionate Aries Moon with Jupiter and Mars, big energy, big feelings, BDE. It’s so fast now.

Friday is a little trickier with impatient Aries Moon not wanting to wait for Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (slower, more meticulous). By mid-morning you’re all clear though. Maybe sleep in? Fitful dreams.

The weekend is something special. It’s sexy, dear star lovers. Taurus Moon is sensual and sweet and cooks good AND we have Venus (who wants to kiss you) getting along oh so well with Pluto (who wants to penetrate you).

Let’s pull a card for advice, for the whole damn thing:

Nice. This one showed her face in last night’s YouTube Live (Love) Stream. Falling in love (writes Joan Bunning about this card).

Venus is in Pisces after all. There’s enough for everyone.



Don’t be surprised if you feel rootless wandering the earth, floating in the early days of Aquarius Season, nebulously nebulous. Don’t be surprised although I think you can make progress (if progress is what you seek) as long as you keep your multiple to-do lists separate.

Myself as an example:

I had on the *same* list

1) ask the super to change the lightbulbs too high for me to reach


2)talk to cousin about purchasing cemetery plot.

These are two different lists. For some.


I woke up this morning to tweet about the Saturn Pluto conjunction (again again again again) how it’s all about death and dying (in your Capricorn House still) despite my promise something WILL GROW THERE (as per the post I wrote here the other day) and I believe it, and this is the truth the Moon Pluto people know.

We know that even though you have your roots in hell, you moved out of there a long time ago. The moving vans came and hauled you and your precious cargo away. It was so fast and so slow. You hated to say goodbye and were happy to leave. On the road again.

Last night I was at a wedding and talking to my cousin about needing a proper burial and burial plot and she said the most beautiful thing you can say to a Pluto person: “Want to be buried next to me?”

What have you noticed so far? About 2020. About life now. What have you noticed? Are you paying attention? Are you getting what you need? What conversations are you having?

Don’t be surprised if you feel unanchored this week, getting used to new landscape, telling Aquarius Season stories. The Sun left Capricorn and who are we now? We were so cozy before with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node (in Cap) and the Aquarius Sun feels like a strange stranger. We don’t fit in. Maybe we never did.

The only real advice I have for you is about this week’s squares, which make the ascent into Aquarius that much more confusing. We have a couple of them, and they feel like unreliable people. Erratic behavior. Hot and cold. It has nothing to do with you. It’s just the motion.

Ace of Pentacles. Funny, this is what I drew for Patrons in my weekly Tarot video. The Aquarius New Moon is Friday. The Pentacle is a seed. You have to water it, water it, water it. What choice do you have? You can’t let the baby die of thirst although I know you feel it’s all for nothing. It’ll never thrive, you say. Why bother, you say. The answer: because you can’t let the baby die of thirst.

I remember when my Cleo was dying. I kept thinking she was going to be okay. Denial maybe. I even went out to get more cat food. She was just extra tired or something. Thinking the rare fatal side effect she was having to a medication would pass. I didn’t know. I was waiting for the mobile vet who squeezed me in and suddenly Cleo who had been looking so peaceful in the afternoon starting peeing pure red blood which pooled underneath her carrier. I called the vet. She was yelling: YOU HAVE TO HELP HER, ALIZA.

Questions that matter now. Because the Saturn Pluto conjunction wasn’t just one day. It continues and continues.

How do you want to die?
Where do you want to be buried?
Why are you here?
What are you doing with the hours?


ROOTS IN HELL (and why the Saturn Pluto conjunction still matters)
(Astrology for the Week of January 20th)

I was reading this annoying tweet. Some CNN thing. An article about kids who have STRONG ROOTS and how well they do later in life, surviving storms blah blah blah. Because of their strong roots.

What about the rest of us, motherfucker? Those of us with our roots in hell? Where’s our article? It’s on my blog, for one. Years of writing about and for Moon Pluto people (and those who feel things so deeply, intensely).

Earlier today I did my astrology forecast for Patrons but the week ahead (and its daft Aquarius-ness) isn’t what I want to talk about here.

I want to talk to you about this post Saturn Pluto conjunction world we’re living in now.

The least you need to know: you’re growing roots in hell too. And maybe for the first time. And maybe you can’t handle it. Maybe you need us Moon Pluto people to light the way with our dirty matches. What do you think Saturn Pluto is anyway? Fun? Light? Think again, star lovers.

The thing about hell though is this: you’re not alone there.

Yesterday afternoon I visited a friend (there were a lot of people there) and I left early, without saying goodbye. Snuck out, hoping she wouldn’t notice. She texted me today asking me what happened. I told it was a dark mood. Sometimes we need to come. Sometimes we need to leave. Sometimes in the same day, same hour, same moment.

Even though I said I wasn’t gonna talk about the week: we have a radical Sun square Uranus coming and going. I was telling my Patrons we think of Aquarius as Uranus driven, wild and free, but Aquarius is also Saturn driven, rigid and rule bound (with seemingly arbitrary rules).

Visiting my friend wasn’t hell, not even for a second of a second, but she said to me: you aren’t alone.

And YOU, dear reader, aren’t alone either — not even when something like Sun square Uranus comes to smash your peace and not even when Saturn conjoins Pluto and you realize you have to BURY YOUR DEAD before you can resurrect them, or yourself.

We have a New Moon this week, this Friday. In the early degrees of Aquarius. I may be back with some thoughts on that but in the meantime know this:

there is something you MUST continue to tend. In the Capricorn part of your chart. Not only are you not alone, but YOU ARE NOT DONE.

Saturn hasn’t left Capricorn yet.
South Node still there.
Pluto still there.
Jupiter there.
As I type this THE SUN is still there.

Only so many times you get to die in this life. Only so many times you get to experience loved ones dying or life path dying, everything falling apart, burning down, crying your eyes out. So don’t waste it. Don’t waste a drop of it. Because out of the wreckage, ruins, desolation, despair, desert something will grow. I promise.