WHAT WILL BE? Solar Eclipse In Capricorn January 5th

It’s okay if you do not know. 
Do not know what? 
What’s in store for you this year. 

You, like me, may enjoy YouTube, but even if you listen to 4757739292 astrologers and tarot readers you may still not know.

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re Virgo Rising and listening to a video for Virgos and you don’t have kids and all this Capricorn junk including the eclipse is in your FIFTH HOUSE and they’re saying creativity blah blah blah and they’re saying love life blah blah blah and they’re saying hobbies and and and and and and and… KIDS!

I don’t mean this to be a commercial: oh you need to talk to ME to really find out will be. Although you can of course. We can talk. I’m just here this morning to reassure you. It’s okay if you don’t know what will be.

This eclipse is around the corner, my friends.
January 5th. Saturday night in Eastern time zone.

Here’s a little breakdown of the week ahead: 

-Monday, New Year’s Eve: Mars enters ARIES 
-Tuesday, Sun conjunct Saturn in, yes, CAPRICORN
-Friday, Mercury trine Uranus and Sun sextile Neptune and Mercury enters Capricorn! 
-Saturday, the ECLIPSE – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, South Node in Capricorn
-Sunday, Uranus goes DIRECT 

Capricorn cautious, thinking about a plan, vs. Aries do it NOW. This is one of the eclipse themes actually. Knowing when to jump and knowing when to wait. That tension between impulsivity and thinking things through and when you want things to MOVE but they move when they move.

Sun Saturn is hard-working, serious, sobering. I like this for New Year’s Day. It’s the reckoning. The New Year is here so stop fucking around.

Even if it’s about your fun fun Fifth House: get serious. Effort. Determination.


Earlier this week with a client. I told her what was up! All this happening in her Second House and it was a local reading and I wasn’t concerned with getting to the next client or task and I was able to take notes for her. On the notes I already had made! And body language. And drawings. Sketching it out. And she’s not there yet. What I told her wasn’t entirely foreign but she’s not on path yet. It’s just not here yet. I’m a messenger to bring her, to let her know, where she’ll be paying attention over the next two years. I mean, I make predictions yes. And I give advice, yes. Sometimes they’re the same thing. And I made this LIST for her on where to focus.

But listen. For ALL OF US we must focus on WHAT TO BUILD. Where the Capricorn pile-up happens in your chart will change the details for sure and how the rest of your chart RESPONDS TO CAPRICORN, but this is a BUILD WHAT transit. Towers and towers and towers. Mountains and mountains and mountains. Effort. Persistence. Consistence. AMBITION. Maturity. Wisdom. These are Saturn times. These are Saturn years. 2019 2020. WHAT WILL BE.

What will be is… you must build, my darlings! 

What can you build… that will bring you…. MONEY. SECURITY. A GREATER SENSE OF SELF-WORTH/PERSONAL POWER. This is just part of what I said to her. Second House. Financial security. And oh good lord yes my darlings all those Cap planets along with her Venus in Cap will square her 10th House Pluto. 🙂 She’s under her Pluto square. 

We must dismantle to build. I’ll say it again. DISMANTLE TO BUILD.. Reverse engineer your stability. There is something (many things), probably your attitude or perspective (which led to behavior which led to your LIFE) that has become Saturn in a BAD WAY. Crystallized. Stagnant. AFRAID. And it got you here. It kept you safe. It protected you. Scaffolding. But now is the time to take it apart, piece by piece, so that you can build it even better. Your life. Reverse engineer your life. 

I’m thinking I should try to blog each day this week because each day is so charged.

What I know is this: there is a core to what will be. It exists. Already. It’s your fate. And all around that core may be… irritation, fear, doubt. Fear. Doubt. Fear. Doubt. So you have to journey to the core. I’m trying to think of some metaphors for my metaphor. What is this core. Your future. Your karma. WHAT WILL BE. Where you’re headed. This core is FATED. It’s written in the stars. And at any given moment the stresses of daily life will try to distract you from what will be. You need to not let it.

Here’s some Virgo advice: MAKE A LIST. Keep track. And you may say to me: but I have lists! I have notebooks of lists! Start over. 2019 is almost here. Start over, start over, start over…


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