Venus Square Saturn: Pain Dance

I don’t want to write a gloomy blog post, really I don’t, but I’ve got my eye on this Venus Saturn square (exact this week) so let’s talk a little bit about it and see if I can give it a positive spin. I mean, I gave that Mars Chiron a lifeline so let’s do the same for Venus Saturn.

Simple (reductive) talk right now: what is Venus? Your self esteem.

What is Saturn? Fear, rejection, fear of rejection.

What is the square? A blindspot. You don’t always see, can’t always see, usually don’t see, how it’s operating in your life. You can’t see all the ways it trips you up and what this means practically is that you might feel badly about yourself this week, might feel like a loser, no hope for you, and if you have this square in your natal, you might feel this way a lot and that you have to work pretty damn hard to get out from under it.

My advice: watch out for any negative self-talk or negative feelings because that shit could really go through the roof this week and it’s the last thing you need and it’s not even true! Saturn, I think, likes to pride itself on being real and true but sometimes it’s garbage. Sorry, Saturn!

Under a Venus Saturn square you could feel ugly and worthless and neither are correct.

What to do? Well, I have one of my Tarot decks right here (surprise surprise) so let’s ask for the higher wisdom.

Dear Spirits, what do I need to tell the kind people reading my blog today? What do they need to know about this heartless Venus Saturn square?

Ha! I got the Three of Cups. Always makes me laugh when I get a stupid happy card for the serious astrology or, say, one of my clients is in hell and then I get this card or something equally supposedly “light.”

But, dear star lovers, I must ask you the question: is your hard won happiness really that light? Really? Is it? No. It’s not. And the card is the card. The answer for what to do about the Venus Saturn square this week is to lift up your glass with a friend or two and dance dance dance. You want to move through this square with ease? With grace? Dance through it. Dance around it. Dance all night and dance all day. Give it a try. Your Venus AND your Saturn will thank you. Could it be a dance of grief? Sure. 100%. Sometimes that’s the best dance of all.


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