Five Ways To Beat The Eclipse Season Blues ;)

"lunar eclipse in Leo"
If you’re wondering why things feel like they’re falling apart,
that everything is converging in your most vulnerable areas, you don’t have to look far for explanation. It’s eclipse season and I keep seeing and hearing stories of big change and crisis. God willing you have at least an area or two of life which still stands but for many of us it can feel or seem or be widespread. Which area do you tend to when it’s all burning? 

So this post is an advice post, no more, no less, and not in the sense of FIVE WAYS TO BEAT THE ECLIPSE BLUES but the god’s honest truth. Wait. Maybe I should make that list for y’all. This is for ALL SIGNS. ALL RISINGS. ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

When things are falling apart and it’s eclipse season basically all you can do is 
-plan what you can
-remember eclipse season doesn’t last forever and things will normalize
-do your spiritual. Maybe your spiritual is prayer. Maybe it’s magic. But call in your spiritual support. What kind of spiritual support? It’s entirely up to you. What do you do?

And I realize I left something off my list. Asking humans for support. I have mixed feelings about this one. I think it just depends which humans. Sorry for the cynicism but because eclipses are so severe and can render such change, you need wise calm helpful minds, not the ones who will minimize your pain *or* your fear or just change the subject to themselves while you’re crying your eyes out.

And sometimes all you can do is sit still and breathe in and out. If you can manage that? I know you’ll be fine.

And this: talk to your life. That’s my last bit of advice. Talk to your life.

Much love 

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