Of Course They Are My Spiritual Children: Stories from my Mars in Cancer

I’m blogging too much to put it all on Substack.

When I do too much over there, people Unsubscribe so… maybe I’ll split my time. Put the overflow over here.

 Here is the Substack link though… where I mostly am, writing about astrology, tarot, magic, and my psychoanalysis life.

It actually feels good to be back. Feels like home. And it is. Been blogging here since 2011 (although I deleted years worth of posts last year).

Busy day today of clients and my Tarot folk, but right now I have a break so I’ll write here and then eat lunch.
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In other news, I feel lost.

I feel lost in the sense of… I have a decision to make and I’m torn. I am leaning in one direction, mainly, but then sometimes I lean in the other direction.

And just now I thought: the only way I’ll be able to take on this new project is because… I know my beloved clients will value it. They will want it. They will love it. Because if it were just me? I feel, honestly, I feel a little meh. Value? that’s a Venus word. I know you know!

But when I think of… the Capricorn I just spoke to (who referenced my Saturn book on our call), and I think of the 12th House Aries, and I think of that Virgo lady, and the Libra, and the Leo and the Aquarius and the whole zodiac, my clients come from all lands and all chart configurations and experiences, and… I just think of… all of them, as though they are one energy, but they are individuals too in this one big energy of, well, love… it makes me want to do it, it makes me want to say yes — for them.

It’s not for me. Why would it be for me? I have MARS IN CANCER. Doing something for me? Eh. Meh. But for my kids? Sure, for my kids. Absolutely. Of course they are my spiritual children. Thousands of them. No doubt, by now, thousands.

Tell them, when I’m gone, that she had a good life.

I have spent my life talking to strangers on the phone about their lives. It’s been a life well-lived. Sometimes someone will say to me: I hope you don’t think this is weird. It always makes me smile. Me? Think you’re weird?


Venus goes retrograde soon. July 22nd, the same day the Sun enters Leo. So there’s gonna be some renewed confidence mixed in with the looking back.

It’s okay to look back. It’s okay to review. It’s okay to be unsure. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay to know. It’s really okay TO KNOW. It’s okay to leave Cancer Season (mother) behind and begin the next leg of your sacred journey.

Yours forever,

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