You Might Feel Angry All The Time: North Node In Aries

The heat. It’s getting to me. And I’m writing to you from inside. In the a/c. And I was supposed to get out tonight but I might not so here I am thinking about the VERY HOT North Node in Aries.

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I was tweeting about this. We might feel angry all the time. Okay, that could happen. But I was also thinking about STANDING YOUR GROUND and boundaries. Having some. Setting some. People who come at you with passive aggressive/vague demands, letting you know what you should do or what they expect?

Nope. No more. North Node in Aries and you’re saying NO. Putting your foot down. No assumptions allowed.

That’s what I’m feeling. People pleasing? Bye. South Node in Libra. There’s some kinda smile and nod that you will outgrow. And you may surprise yourself. Very much.

But, remember, the North Node gives us pause. It’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and, yeah, we can… go sideways with it and by sideways I mean… we’re learning to fight, we’re learning to hunt, we’re learning to, well, it depends where Aries is in your chart. Clumsy. That’s the word. Your North Node in Aries experience will include some clumsiness. Awkward as you figure it out and you’re supposed to figure it out and I have faith that you will.

To be continued..