Welcome Back, Fellow Animals: Mars Goes DIRECT June 29th

Mars goes DIRECT on Wednesday in Scorpio at 23 degrees (does this aspect your chart?) and this has been THE most important transit of 2016 so far.

More important than the Saturn Neptune square in my (humble?) opinion.

Mars first entered Scorpio back in early January of this year, moving through the entire sign, going retrograde at 8 Sagittarius in mid-April.

If you look back, you can see how your life unfolded along with this Mars transit —

from Mars in Scorpio to Mars in Sag to Mars retrograde in Sagittarius to Mars back in Scorpio and now Mars going direct in Scorpio. Half a year. Two signs. Two stories? One story? Hmm.

And lucky us (not really) there will be a Mars Saturn conjunction on August 24 (a very interesting week by the way: Sun enters Virgo – Mercury and Venus conjoin Jupiter in Virgo – and Mars not only conjoins Saturn but squares Neptune).

But the reason I am reminding you about Mars is because I want you to think about your life and want you to track your life – the events of this year so far, the events of the spring, the events of your Scorpio and Sagittarius Houses –

you can track it all through this transit but you have to stop and think about it which is a fine activity for a retrograde –

and to remember that Mars is your PASSION, your lust, and if LUST has been missing from your life then fear not because Mars goes direct just mere days from now and you will feel it, you will feel it, you will feel it but I still recommend you pay attention and not be lazy or expect a gift. We’re not talking VENUS here. We’re talking Mars. Mars DOES.

Mars wants to kill and Mars wants to fuck. Everything else is sublimation and transmutation.

Welcome back, fellow animals.


And these details which I just posted on my Facebook:
Mars rules Aries.
Mars co-rules Scorpio.
Mars was retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio.
Check those houses in your chart. Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius.
They slowed down. They felt miserable during Mars retrograde.
Those areas of life not only felt weak and sick but WERE weak and sick.
Get it? You’re going to feel better.
Aries and Scorpio people as well. Aries and Scorpio Rising.
And those of you with planets in your FIRST HOUSE, the Aries House. Those of you with planets in your EIGHTH HOUSE, the Scorpio House. It’s gonna get SO MUCH BETTER.

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