News From MoonPlutoLand – The Era Of The Special Is Going On Hiatus!

"jupiter trine pluto"If you love working with me and you are budget conscious then take advantage of the next 6 days i.e. the rest of June!

In July my rates are going back to normal. Normal normal!

I’ve run various and sundry specials off and on over the months but my Guides are telling me to take a break from that.

The regular Reading and Teaching Bundles will be available as we move forward — as will the Tarot or Astro Weekly Subscriptions and single session readings of course.

You can also now get a private, personal CARD OF THE DAY from me 🙂

So just a heads up!

I know folks like to buy and save for a rainy day, etc., especially those I work with long term, over time (hello if you are reading this!).

What I wrote on Facebook today: 

So this is the story, people The June Special ends June 30th and July rates will be as described on my site. Thus you have six more days of June ♋️ to indulge and talk to me way cheaper than it will be next month, my birthday month If you purchase this weekend I can definitely get you in next week and we can talk about *anything* ⭐️♋️

Thanks everyone. Love you xx just wanted to let you know because sometimes when I’m NOT doing a special I get people writing me: are there any? So I’m making this announcement…

Happy Birthday Cancers!