How Life Works & Because I Know Not Everyone Follows My Facebook :)

"mars square chiron"
I’ll tell you how astrology works and how life works.

The transits, where the planets are now and how they affect us, will prod us, challenge us, inspire us…

And if we are smart and somewhat conscious we notice this and sit with it and make some decisions about our life direction

we run smack into the challenges of our own natal chart. Ouch.


I can tell someone about the incredible opportunity on the way. An open door. A gift. Help. Astrology is good at this kind of timing.

And maybe they will even say yes, that sounds good…

But then comes the wall.

The fears and doubts and complexes that we all have in our own particular ways in our charts.

It may be a Saturn problem. Or a nodal axis problem. Maybe it’s a Sun square Moon problem

And I admit it’s a fascinating process. When I see it in the chart. Because I love to see deeply and pour over charts and take notes.

And do my best to reach in and talk to this soul on the other side of the phone or screen

That the time is NOW
The Crossroads is here

And just like Mary said yes, the person says yes
But then ….. lol

Then down comes the natal chart which can feel like a prison.
All the old traumas that say NO

It’s a beautiful thing to understand. To watch it happen. To see it in the charts and to root for the person. The drawbridge going up the drawbridge going down.

But suddenly today it became so freaking clear in so few words:
the transit prod us and then we run smack into the challenges of our charts. Bam bam bam