The Stars This Week: Tie The Boat To The Dock

I had no plans to write today, none.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I had a difficult weekend (physically) but thank God I’m doing better, on the mend, and I was relaxing just now watching a video on YouTube and got inspired to come back to earth.

One way I do that is by working. Another way is by writing. So here I am. I hope you are well. 

This coming week, to me, is SO significant that I don’t even want to break it down for you and frankly you can get the breakdown ANYWHERE. On Facebook, IG, YT, even Twitter. You can get the astro breakdown. You can read all about what’s coming, piece by piece elsewhere.

I want to tell you how it feels TO ME because you can’t get that anywhere and the NORTH NODE IS IN LEO NOW. North Node in Leo = ME. 

I want you to prepare yourself for… what to call it?

I don’t want to use the usual words. Breakthrough, revelation, news, thunderbolt. I think part of it will be subtle. And part of it will not be subtle. I think part of it will feel like the Empress (ahhh) and part of it will feel like the Wheel (ohhh!) I think some of you will make a grand entrance and sit down whereas others will stand at the podium, speech in hand. THIS WEEK MATTERS. (And you may already feel this.)

For others a wrong gets righted FINALLY. Well, maybe it can’t be fixed but you get some resolution, some closure and we all love closure don’t we. For many there is a love situation that is NOT STABLE (yet?) but entertaining and hot and possible. And life is about to get busy, VERY busy (in the Gemini part of your chart).

Do you want to tie the boat to the dock? I’m not so sure you do. And this:

What happened to you back in December 2016? What did you experience? What did you learn? What did you feel? Part Two of that story this week.


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