Your Wild Mind: Mercury Opposition Jupiter (March 15th)

"full moon eclipse in libra" The radio show, if my proposal is approved, will be a metaphysical radio show (on paranormal internet radio) full of astrology and tarot — and magic and magick…

but I also want it to be safe for poets. Returning to my roots…
Making the world safe for poets one second at a time…

And perhaps somehow to combine all these things I love – through the medium of the voice…

Theatrical. Radio play. Radio (play). And astro-tarot? Yes !

Spring is exploding here in rural America. I haven’t left the house today except for one cigarette on the back porch. I’m not ready. Getting ready. Not ready. Almost ready. Here I am.

Here we are.


I tend to compare days. Tomorrow is better than yesterday, transit wise, but today didn’t feel half bad to be honest. As I wrote yesterday, I LIKE Moon in Gemini, my 10th House. Not sad.

Moon won’t enter homebody Cancer until tomorrow pm. Apparently I’ve started early. I better at least get out for lunch tomorrow.

Most noteworthy about tomorrow: 

Mercury in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo (still retrograde).

OH and I should mention  we are also under JUPITER TRINE PLUTO again. It’s exact the day after tomorrow (the 16th)

Do you have planets in earth or water around 17 degrees? Hmm… these transits are touching you all over in a good, safe, not so humble way. Jupiter Pluto is not humble BUT we are in Virgo/Capricorn territory here so you want to do a good job and you want to do the right thing, as you rise as you rise as you rise to the top.

Here’s a question: what is your Top? Where do you want to go?
(Are you keeping up with this? Do you know what I’m asking you? Read it again if you don’t.)

Forgetting about the signs for a moment, let’s just talk about Mercury and Jupiter together. Big words. Mighty words. A lot of words. Bodacious words. You are going to hear some words tomorrow. They may come out of your mouth. Or not. But they are big and bold and WAIT…

We have to talk about the signs. Jupiter is in VIRGO which is a restrained place for Jupiter to be (to say the least) and Mercury is in melodious Pisces. I do not know a single Mercury in Pisces who does not have a beautiful angelic tone. Someone may critique your spiritual practices. Someone may think they know better. Or maybe you will receive thoughtful praise. Or someone will reach out and help you organize your wild mind and ideas. YOUR WILD MIND AND IDEAS!!! YES!!!!! YOU HAVE THEM!!!!

I don’t know about you but I’ve got about six spiral notebooks going. A couple weeks ago I organized them all. Took a post-it and taped it to the cover(s) listing what was in each volume for easy reference, all the creative ideas and work ideas and notes from readings I get and notes to self and… much




The Reading Bundles are back! And other stuff for you to see! Here is the link.