To Write About The Obsessions Might Be Helpful: NEW MOON IN GEMINI

"uranus in taurus"
To write about the obsessions might be helpful.
This is what I have for you on this New Moon in Gemini.

Gemini has to do with writing and writers and editing and editors and today the Gemini Moon is aspecting Pluto (ruling death, ruling obsession, ruling kidnapping) so you may as well write about it and make use of the energy, thus this blog post here. Take it. Do what you want with it.

PLUTO EXPOSES SO IT CAN HEAL YOU but you have to go far enough.

(Read me here, three of my obsessions: death, my mother, and Santa Muerte)

And you may say, but Aliza, I’m not obsessed. I’m bored. I’m confused. I’m tired. No. Exhausted. ENOUGH! I’m too tired to obsess. I have no lust in me, no blood. Will this NEW MOON IN GEMINI HELP? 

Yes but it’s dark in there. Any Moon Pluto is gonna be a little dark. Once you agree to include Pluto in your travels, the messages and the writing will come. Keep descending.

Make sense? Pluto exposes. Don’t ignore who you are. If this is you, if you see yourself here, in what I write, then you’ve found a friend. Venus is not Pluto. You won’t find fashion here, sorry. But you will find music for your exorcism.

Happy New Moon. See you tomorrow xoxo