FOR THE PLUTO PEOPLE + Because An Aries Likes It When I Write About My Period

"little book of saturn"
There’s something to be said for being disgusting

And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Blood on the toilet seat is gross. I never liked being in a body. I still don’t.

But I make the moon time a celebration.
A celebration when I’m not busy sleeping and pumping my body full of food and electrolytes and Netflix. I did not feel well yesterday until I got that pizza. I know everybody is different. I remember asking my sister and cousin. No big deal. No drama. No full body, spiritual, emotional experience.  Not me. I go to another world.

An Aries client today (been Reading for her since 2012)  told me today she likes my RAW writing and G. the Scorpio said the same about this piece here and I won’t get into how I labor over my sentences (not so much here but for my book or when I write for someone else) so none of it really is raw once it gets written down, but then she said yes I LOVE WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR PERIOD.

So here you go, Aries lady.

There’s so much I don’t say, I said.
I KNOW, she said.

It all started because she was talking about feeling shame about her intensity. That she has this friend that she is growing closer to (not romantic) and she started to feel a bit timid or sheepish like maybe her friend shouldn’t find out how much she is LOVING THIS FRIENDSHIP and how intense she feels and is.

I knew exactly what she was talking about. People back away. If you are too much. I back away too. And I come close. I do both.

Two points:

About her studying the tarot after saying the Rider Waite spooks her: if it spooks you THEN DO IT.

Please don’t apologize for who you are. However your family made you feel about who you are.

And this 

I will do blood magick every single time until I have no blood left and I will mourn my blood when it is finally done.

Got to make the most of it, not sure how much time I have left with it, and although it’s dying down right now, I will keep the altar fire tended, like Vesta.

Thanks, Aries lady. Talk to you soon.


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