Things Are Looking Up: New Moon In Sagittarius

The intensity. Just got off the phone with a client and I was deep in her energy. Astrology, tarot, “the guides.” I was deep in. I went a little over time and she thanked me and I said to her when the guides are talking I don’t want to interrupt. And I could see the “advice” I was giving her was advice I need to take: not to let the emotional intensity make the decision. Then what? What makes the decision? Justice card. Weighing the pros and cons is one way to look at it. But there are many ways to look at it. I must have spent ten minutes trying to elucidate a single point, the size of the head of a pin, but the point had to be made.

Last night I had visions of many animals. Went to sleep at 6pm and dozed off and on until it was actually time for bed. I got up a few times. I had candles burning. I was holding hands with a dog at one point and was visited by my three beloved, departed cats. It was a good night and I woke up happy, happier than the day before. I miss the world of the animals. I keep fine company with them in my head, but I think 2023 (with Saturn out of my 6th House) is a return to animal life.

But what about this sky? Well. Tomorrow is the New Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter goes direct (in Pisces). Things are looking up. Jupiter is big. Big change is on the horizon.

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"