Sometimes You Need A New Sledgehammer: Venus Square Uranus

"who is santa muerte"

A quick one about this week. More to come. 

Mercury enters Cancer this week. 
Venus enters Leo this week. 
BOTH will aspect Uranus AND Chiron. 
Hard and soft aspects. 

The one I want to address first and in this blog post is the Venus Uranus square.

You know the drill. Venus is love and Uranus is crazy or unpredictable or weird or erratic or SUDDEN out of the blue surprise or shocking or enlightening or freeing or GENIUS. Rebellion. Sometimes we need a new sledgehammer.

There is some way you’ve been living or believing for a long time now (symbolized by Taurus stagnation) and now Uranus in Taurus and has come to break it apart.

It’s about your self-esteem, how you see yourself. It’s about your love life (what you have, what you don’t). It’s about your appearance, your body, the ways you consider yourself safe and secure, what you value, the ways you haven’t changed yet.

Too much? Then focus on this. 

Venus is what’s in your heart.
Uranus is an arrow shot by an archer with a sense of humor. Not to pierce you to death, not to make you hurt, but to make you see things differently, very very differently.

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