Full Moon In Cancer This Week And Yes I’m Still Here


So this is the story:

I’m working on a book and my blog will probably stay neglected until then.

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AFTER I hand in my manuscript then I’ll have a moment to review what will become of the blog. The world has changed. The blog must change too.

How is everyone?

Let’s talk about the FULL MOON – this week – in Cancer, 22 degrees.
Full Moon of the MOTHER.

Don’t expect to feel detached. Well, if you read my blog, detachment probably isn’t your strong suit. Cancer is the most emotional of the water signs, of all the signs, and you know me – I consider that a good thing. We are the empaths and nurturers of the zodiac. We care, we heal, we feed, we swim in the deep waters. (And I apologize on behalf of all the asshole Cancers in your life.)

Now this Full Moon happens on the same day that Mercury (re) enters Capricorn (Mercury is direct now, as you know) AND we also have a Venus Neptune conjunction in Pisces – same day. Super water right? Cancer and Pisces! Moon and Venus and Neptune!

But our thoughts are in CAPRICORN. Saturn. Discipline. MIND OVER MATTER.

No matter how much we want to stay in bed and dream and eat and play we must get to work work work work. Sun in Capricorn and Pluto and Mercury again, all in Saturn ruled Capricorn – and hard aspects to fun Jupiter and crazy Uranus –

I know I know. You’re hurting and you need a break.

But the time for slowness and sweetness is LATER. I promise you this is true. You’ll get your cake batter but for now? Get to work. Nurture and rest when you can, in dribs and drabs. Don’t ignore your emotional and personal needs but prioritize THE WORK.

The work comes first now.