Letters To Mars : July 10, 2020

Letter no. 1

All crossroads are hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and they may try to. They may try to talk you down, try to talk you off the ledge, try to talk to you with those stupid stupid words in their mouth, but the truth is all crossroads are hard, and here we are, and this is a long one. Pandemic times. We’ll be standing here a while.

So I just wrote my weekend forecast and posted it on my blog and on the Facebook, but that’s not what I want to tell you now (and I won’t dare tell you that everything’s okay because it’s not) and if you unsubscribe or leave because my words are dramatic or emotional or “too much,” then click away. The fact that I’m ALIVE means I’m TOO MUCH so crush your enemies, dear star lovers. Crush away because

MARS IS IN ARIES AND WILL BE IN ARIES FOR THE REST OF 2020 and it’s staying in Aries so long because Mars will retrograde and maybe all passion will stop screaming and the weapons will lay down and peace will cover us.

I don’t think so though.

What Mars retrograde does is HOLD IT IN. It doesn’t mean Mars doesn’t exist or anger doesn’t exist or weapons don’t exist or your rage your rage your rage doesn’t exist. It just goes underground. And you do have rage. Trust me on this.

I could tell you to learn to love it. Learn to love your Mars, learn to love your rage (as we’re stuck with this transit for months now), learn to love the way it twists and turns and goes passive, manipulative, complaining, whiny, and then also love its red-faced, in your face, obvious expression. But what good would that do. I could give you a little assignment to “explore” how you really feel, some gutless exercise in feeling better and changing, affecting nothing. So what else is new.

I decided to ask my cards, sitting right here on my desk, what to tell you, and I cut and drew a King. Cut again and drew another King. You need a plan. We need a plan — to conquer this moment, this Mars in Aries confrontation which is a LIFE confrontation and it’s not about dominating anyone but about what YOU NEED TO DO, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of 2020.

To be continued.