The Stars This Week: Mars Conjunct Pluto And What Else Do You Need To Know?


Of course it figures. Thursday, the Moon is in Cancer and thus will oppose the Mars Pluto conjunction (which is exact on Wednesday).

Let me back up a little. We have a Grand Cross this week – in cardinal signs. Remember we have Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Libra. Uranus in Aries (and if you want me to mention Eris I’ll mention her too). Moon will be in Cancer. Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.

And Venus enters Sagittarius. But to me the bigger news is this Mars Pluto thing and honestly I’m glad it’s in Capricorn. You’re less likely to get into trouble. LESS likely. It’s not guaranteed. I’d still be careful. I’d avoid dangerous people and places. Mars Pluto IS danger and listen I don’t make this stuff up. It’s textbook astrology. This combination has a reputation and with good reason.

Now I’m NOT saying that harm will befall you or anyone else. What I am saying is that Mars (aggression) and Pluto (power) may show you some dark sides – yours or theirs and the Cancer Moon and other hard aspects will make it emotional, far more emotional than if it were Capricorn (Saturn) without the Cancer Moon part. Cancer Moon cries. If you meet a Cancer Moon who does NOT cry, then run. Because they are holding in a hurricane.

I know I scare people. I don’t mean to. It’s not a bad week. Venus in Sagittarius is fun. It won’t conjoin Saturn yet (less fun). Playful energy. But this Mars Pluto VIOLENT TRANSFORMATION dominates. That’s another Mars Pluto keyword – dominates. Capricorn is cautious and this is helpful.

Find 14/15/16 degrees in your chart because it’s a hot spot and you need more than one outlet no doubt. Or a really good one. Capricorn can focus. Capricorn is a worker so work. Keep busy. Put your grievances on simmer and don’t let the pot boil over under the Cancer Moon.

It’s hot in that house of your chart. That is all.