The Truth of Life & Death & Mercury Enters Taurus This Weekend

Folks are getting the books they pre-ordered! Look here. It comes out June 1st officially but I’ve heard that books are coming Monday!

"little book of saturn"
The relief I feel that Mercury enters Taurus this weekend.

Mercury went retrograde while in Aries and I found this one particularly difficult (although I also do not like Aries Season in general, due to my own personal natal chart). And it just so happens that Mercury enters Taurus on “Mother’s Day” in the U.S.

This post is dedicated to those folks who do not have a mother and have not had a mother for a long time and maybe never. Maybe she died. Maybe she was abusive or crazy. We are a special club that no one wants to join – the motherless.

I “lost” mine pretty young and have lived many decades without her now. I don’t even flinch when I overhear two not so young women talking about their mothers coming to take care of them. I don’t flinch and I hold my tongue. Your mother will die first. Or you will. Wake up. This is another special club. Those who learned the truth of life and death too young. Would it be better if I did flinch or burst into tears? But I don’t. Because I know the truth of life.

"aliza einhorn"This is my mother’s father’s mother. I’ve been told I look like her. 

So this weekend Mercury enters Taurus and look at this: all this happens on Tuesday

New Moon in Taurus 
Mars enters Aquarius (finally! I feel like Mars has been in Capricorn FOREVER) 

What to make of all this incoming Taurus energy?  MARS SQUARE URANUS energy as well!

Do you feel beautiful? Do you feel secure?
That’s all I want to ask you right now. But I’ll do it again.

Do you feel beautiful?
Do you feel secure?