You Ready? Solar Eclipse April 20th

I feel like I went through something very dark, and it’s not done yet. Can you relate? You feeling this?

The first of our 2023 Eclipses is next week. NEXT WEEK. And then we have another one early May. I’m sparing you the dates and times and signs and details for the moment. You can find them anywhere anyway. What you can’t find anywhere anyway is, well, my take on it.

What caused the dark? The Full Moon in Libra. The Sun Chiron conjunction. The upcoming eclipse. Make no mistake sensitive people are feeling this, even a week early. The Full Moon in Libra brought it in. So if you are feeling disoriented and determined… you’re right on time.

Believe me, I thought things were settled. I thought some things were settled. But you know what? Mars. Mars was in Gemini for SO LONG and it went retrograde and then direct and into Cancer and… There’s actually nothing surprising in all this. That more change was coming. You knew a do-over was coming. Or a review. But you had to suppress it. You had to block it out. You had to GO THROUGH the experience and “forget” that things were gonna implode, explode, change. The signs were there and you didn’t ignore them but filed them away. You had to.

Mercury goes retrograde this month in Taurus and the story I’m talking about here got started when Mars was in Taurus and conjoined both the North Node and Uranus. It’s that story, that journey.

My guides are telling me to tell you: don’t be afraid. Yeah, new things make us quake a little, or a lot, but don’t be afraid. You’re being guided.

If you want to book a Reading with me, visit my Readings page although I’m not sure what kind of availability I’ll have in April or May but you can always check in.

In the meantime, keep passing the open windows.

To be continued…

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