Tomorrow Is Better But Still Intense (Thurs, March 31st) Mercury Uranus Pluto

"saturn through the 4th house"What we have is this:

Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter (earth to earth, harmonious, but Capricorn and Virgo are workaholic) and Moon conjunct Pluto (emotionally intense – hi! that’s my aspect but in Virgo in my natal) AND Mercury in Aries on Uranus and…

I think you know what I’m going to say. That Mercury Uranus is revelatory and liberating and free but that the earth emphasis can make you feel tethered.

But is that so bad? Inspiration and the energy to do something with it? 

In other news, I’m thinking about tattoos.
So when I have my new lover that he (or she) can lick them.
What transit is THAT you  may ask? Probably my Aries 8th House. I’ve got Sun and Mercury cruising through there and Venus will be too, soon enough… Sex and death, right? The Eighth House. I died. I died and I came back. Hello from Florida. 

I’d been predicting a whole bunch of shit for this week. Didn’t like the Mercury aspects at all. Didn’t like Venus Chiron either but I feel, for the moment, a parting of the storm clouds.

Should you still watch your tongue (Mercury), your mouth (Mercury), your mind (Mercury)? YES.

I’ve been writing all kinds of intense stuff on my Facebook the last couple days, Pluto stuff. I will cut and past some of it here because it could help with your hard transits: 

The other thing to do under hard transits is surrender.
Maybe the only thing.
You can’t fight Pluto. Can’t romanticize it. Can’t pretend everything is okay when it’s not.
(Well you can but you’ll run yourself into the ground.)

And ask: what does my god ask of me? What does my life ask of me? And ignore everything else.
Pluto transits mean you’re not okay. Nothing is okay. So better to be okay with that than deny it. Only then can you start to build if building is what you must do.
I read someone’s status update about Pluto the other day and thought to myself: bullshit. This person doesn’t know Pluto or astrology. They’ve read the wrong book or worse no book at all. Just memes and Instagram.
So basically I’m telling you it’s okay to be not okay with the state of things. Let it wake you up.

And this:

In defense of bad boundaries:
And here is something radical that you don’t hear often, if at all –
sometimes it’s better to have “bad” boundaries.
I’m in support of flexible boundaries.
Here’s what I’m thinking…
you have to have “good boundaries” to do this work, so they say, protect your energy etc. but there comes a point where that can’t be a reader’s main concern anymore — should be automatic. That you’re healthy enough to have that shit in place without fuss.
And I don’t even think you should have to be obsessed with cleansing and protecting. Again, automatic.
Your boundaries can’t be too good or too tight- all that does is create distance, that “you over there with the problem” —
You can’t be afraid of contamination and too many are.
The best readers for me are the ones who can get in there and stand in the shit with me, not the ones who keep polite distance making me feel that my problems are so horrible or so extraordinary. As if I don’t already know. Believe me I know that my life doesn’t resemble yours. And that’s precisely why (in part) I can help people. Because I’m not going to judge how fucked up things became for you. I’m not going to lie or hide.
Polite distance and “boundaries” won’t get me anywhere. What gets me “somewhere” is the merging.
So here I am in support of fewer boundaries in doing THE WORK – in terms of really helping people. That’s the radical part. Not everyone can do this. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

And then my friend Lyone made an EXCELLENT point which really encapsulated what I was trying to say: 

Hmmmm…..On the other hand, having good boundaries can allow you to get very very close, because you have no fear of losing your self.

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