June ASTROLOGY Class Forming Now!

"jupiter in scorpio"
  You and Me! I like to keep these Facebook Group classes small. Ideally between 9 and 12 people!

What: ASTROLOGY! Discussion of the most important transits RIGHT NOW and coming up soon, including: Uranus in Taurus, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, Chiron in Aries! And MARS IN AQUARIUS (retrograde).

No astrology background required! 

And the part that everyone loves the most, I’ll be looking at YOUR individual charts and giving my thoughts on how I think these important transits will manifest for you

THE FORMAT: I’ll be initiating thought provoking conversation and sharing information about these astrological transits and how they will affect your life this summer and the months (sometimes years) to come!  Plenty of helpful hints, astrology learning, and inspiration. 

When: the month of June!

Where: a SECRET Facebook Group. No one knows you’re there but us!

How:  Just show up! Participate at your leisure. No pressure, learn at your own pace. Lurking is fine.

Why: because you love my little Facebook communities or you love my insight or you want a little summer astrology fun and learning or all of the above!


Will there be Tarot?
This isn’t an “official” Tarot class but you know the cards have a way of showing up!

Do I need any astrology knowledge to take this class?

Will I learn astrology in this class?
YES but not in an A to Z fashion. This is not a “how to read your chart” class but you WILL learn by doing and learn by being there and learn by asking questions. Often in my groups there’s a mix of levels. Don’t let it intimidate you! I’m there to answer questions.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate? YES. The action happens in a secret Facebook group.

What is my investment for this month long summer learning? $125 for the month!

Got questions? Just message me at moonpluto@gmail.com